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  1. My favorite memory was daddy Acen banning Sam116 from steam chat for trading for an ult cat. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769
  2. My favorite DD item is Amor Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769
  3. That's a good thing though.
  4. I also think this shouldn't be restricted to kg and sky. Imo morrogo and aqua deserve it.
  5. Daddy acen I will literally buy every cavalry in the game and throw them into ember's lava if you don't allow this in the game. This is Megachicken/10
  6. Bring back kick system from dd1. Vote to kick was one of the weirdest design choices of dd2.
  7. Edit2: tldr keep everything the same from dd1, but get rid of buff beams, nerf the wheel, lt's, and dsts, then add a hero deck and auto collect. Want i want: Pets to be returned from dd1 and useful Megachicken Propeller cat Survival mode Seahorses Pets rewarded in survival like in dd1 Dd1 tavern. Dd2's was too big imo Coal Diamonds A trading scene Cosmetic set bonuses Acc that give stats and i can see on my hero Hero customization Skins that affect the heroes stats The eternia shard maps Auto collect Hero deck Ult/Ult+/Ult++ gear Being able to drop items on my tavern floor. A kick button for host Events Challenge maps (like volcanic eruption) Edit: Build timers (almost forgot this) What I don't want Buff beams Whatever the social hub thing was Mods Shards Tha hatching eggs for pets Feeding the pets Pets growing affection Pets unlocking abilities as they grow Basically the entire pet system from dd2. It was annoying. Chaos system Iwpr or whatever that gear score was Vote to kick I'm probably missing some stuff from dd2 i didn't like but this covers a lot of it.
  8. nenno15


    5 cubes 325^ mail bracers 2 cubes 417^ leather greaves
  9. nenno15


    20cv pristene
  10. 53 mana and a cursed mega chicken
  11. nenno15

    [WTA] Cavalry

    Yea if there are no other bids by 6PM US central time tomorrow im ending the auction.
  12. nenno15

    [WTA] Cavalry

    I forgot to put an end date and im too stupid to edit This ends on 4/21/2019 at 12PM US central time
  13. nenno15

    [WTA] Cavalry

    Have a Cav to auction It came from here https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/141591-another-lottery-guys-loads-of-prizes-am-i-crazy-or-whuuuut-d/? and is traced to hype I Accept Cubes, Diamonds (unupped only) 5/10/15, and coal (8 coal = 1cv) I will also look at ++ gear C/O
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