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  1. They aren't dropping anything but the other bosses like ogree/ the book healer/sk are dropping legendarys in a 100% rate. Already think is good enough
  2. You ask too much for a 7870 Crossfire. Even the all new gtx960 SLI cant handle many games at 4k. Since DD2 is not that intensive in graphs/textures you should get at least 4gb ram (SLI/CF or Single) plus good core clock
  3. Posting here cause can't find where to. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkhunts/screenshots Should say 20% instead 0.2% http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkhunts/screenshots Should say "(M) Critical Damage Sphere II
  4. Already sent. Just for the record, the issue is happening on my friend's laptop(I reported with her ISD ). Im a veteran dd1 player, and I guess I experienced this on the past, an update on the game fixed it.
  5. Same trouble here, idk wtf is happening with the game. Well cant get it to run in my gf's laptop. Its a compatibility bug that must be fixed. The pc its able to run dota2,sc2,lfd2 but this game isnt. I understand this is an alpha beta but the accesibility must be secured.
  6. Hi I need Helpl, DD2 game crashes on the hero creation scree, I jsut bought the game and I can't even play it! The launcher pop ups fine, hit play fine, then says Inicializing game resources, after the loading screen and before it lets me create the character, game crashes "dundef.exe has stopped working". Then pop ups a fatal error, which Im attaching. Also attaching the specs of my pc which is able to play dota2, lfd2,sc2, etc. I've tried eveything I could at this cases, updated video drives from intel, reinstalling game, verify game cache. After verify it always says that some files are m
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