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  1. One of the recent updates says it changed incursion weapons a bit. I'm not getting incursion weapons every time now though. Is this a bug or did they lower the drop rate? Is there any recent explanation of which weapons drop from which maps? I've played the Malthius incursion a couple times now and not gotten any weapons...
  2. I'm currently in C2 trying to farm for C3, and I'm seeing a disquieting trend. I've got 18 hero specific shards to drop, and 10 have been for the 2 heroes I don't have. I play mostly with one other friend and they are having similar troubles, though I don't know the specific numbers. This is a huge buzzkill on an otherwise awesome update. I suggest increasing the droprate of hero specific shards for the heroes in your deck, and making it so shards don't drop for heroes you don't have. I really hope that I've just been extremely unlucky and the drop rate isn't actually higher for heroes not owned by the player. It's extremely frustrating to be trying to farm and getting so many shards that don't even apply. Pertaining more generally to the title of the post, does anyone have a feel for how many passives there were and what the chances were for getting the right combo compared with how many hero specific shards there are now and the chances of getting a specific one?
  3. Great work Trendy! I really love being able to build and play with the same hero. Playing with my abyss lord and building with the dryad in C2 right now trying to farm for C3. I have been super excited to play since the update. Keep it up guys!
  4. I've been waiting on this since launch. I think there are still a lot of players that really miss having couch co op. It would be great to see that on a "to do" list again, even just to know it hasn't been completely forgotten.
  5. Just ran bling king challenge nm4 solo playing with the abyss lord and all the items dropped at item power (IP) 1. At the end of the map I got a green chest with no midas touch. When I got back to the tavern all items in my inventory were still IP 1, so I just sold them. Can't comment about restarting game fixing the IP. I've also ran into trouble with red spectral knights. For me the first knight on wave 3 is invincible, so it's pretty much game over. I lost both times I tried to the same bug. Anyone else feel like it might be blanket apology time? I've been trying to farm gear after the reset, but haven't been able to due to bugs. Maybe a 2x drop weekend or something would put things back on track. Just a suggestion
  6. After the update: 1. Matchmaking - Yay! much better! 2. Currency - no change 3. Enemy spawn - aside from my issue there's also the issue of enemies not being agro'd at all and getting stuck for no reason. 4. DPS vs. Builder drops - can't comment 5. Hero Balance - What they said: "We're buffing the original four to keep up with the newer ones". so far I've seen all of my karma vortex gear except for my gloves get re-rolled. That feels like a nerf. I also don't see my flamethrowers doing noticeably more damage. Seems like they can use abilities faster? I'd say they were re-balanced at best. Here's a couple more that I've thought of too. tavern training dummies - Hero dps is nearly impossible to read for huntress. Also some passives don't work on them? E.G. I have never seen buff from frosty power or frost fire. Tower DPS display glitches - Towers display different dps numbers for different players. For example, I drop an archer and see it does 35000 DPS base, but my friend sees that it only does 25000 or something. This is terrible in a game where people are trying to figure out who should build the defenses. This also exacerbates the training dummy issues. A lot of players really love numbers, please make them accurate.
  7. Incursion title: Bug Hunt Map: New Majus Quarters? Enemies are only the fliying electric bugs, some come along ground paths and maybe some special ones come the way wyverns used to. Every Dev that wants to participate buts in some gameplay quirk that is a "bug". Any player successfully reporting any bug that isn't posted as a known issue during the event gets 200 hero medallions. The dev that has their bug reported the most came up with something that was easy as pie, so in the next devstream, they take a pie to the face. I've found the game a bit buggy lately, and I'm getting kind of grumpy about it. This would help remind players (and myself) that the game is still in alpha, and give some reward to players actually helping development by finding bugs. Since bugs are kind of inevitable, this would help lighten the mood about them as well. Everyone loves watching someone take a good pie to the face.
  8. I'm fine with the option of using either currency. I think a few things make the option annoying though: 1. They two different currencies are graphically very similar. I think the difference should be painfully obvious, and preferably informative so any person off the street could have a reasonable chance of guessing which one is premium. 2. The hero medal option is on the right hand side, which is the default, muscle twitch, button to click for windows users 3. The numerical amounts are very similar for the first upgrade, so the difference is not obvious. Put together, these result in occasionally (or frequently for some) spending the unintended currency. I know I dropped hero medals on the first upgrade (instead of thoughtlessly attainable 95 gold) a handful of times when they first changed it. Each time I was furious with myself and the game. If they must both be coins how about different colors? e.g. Silver vs. gold? Whatever you decide, just Make. Them. Distinct.
  9. Each one of these things are not terrible, but in chorus they make me care less about this game. 1. Matchmaking - When my friends and I play solo, often times one of us will be left in the tavern on the first match (I know matchmaking is a priority, and I'm saying, "Keep it up. There's work left to do.") 2. Currency - Premium currency and regular currency are not plainly, graphically distinct. This really stands out in the item-upgrade menu. They appear right next to each other, the amounts for the first upgrade are similar, and, most annoyingly, the premium currency is on the right, which is the muscle twitch button-to-click for windows users (as in cancel vs. ok). A friend of mine has stopped trying to save defender medals, because he accidentally spends them so often. Make. Them. Distinct. 3. Enemy spawn - If aggravated, enemies will stop inside the spawn and attack defenses indefinitely. I think all of the game mechanics should let you build how you like i.e. if you can murder all the baddies right outside the door, then good on you. Also, there are a number of sub-cores that are close enough to the spawn, that enemies at higher difficulties can shoot from inside. Perhaps enemies should only be impervious for a few seconds after they spawn. Also recall crossroads incursion error where ogres would get stuck in spawn leading to random runs where you couldn't clear after making it to the end of the last round. 4. DPS vs. Builder Drops - Seems like when playing a DPS character, I get builder drops, and vice versa. I don't have enough evidence to prove this isn't confirmation bias on my part, but it really feels like it's the case. If there is any mechanic that tries to cater drops, just stop. I like that the stats on gear are separated, but I really really don't need any more huntress builder gear. She is by far my most stacked builder. With all the throw away passives, it's hard enough to get the gear you want. 5. Lack of Hero Balance - There was progress being made on this until new heroes. Hopefully it will be addressed. as a side note, I got on to play this morning and was notified a few minutes after 9 a.m. that the game would be down for maintenance at 9 a.m. Moments later I was given a 30 second countdown that covered the "Exit Game" button in the escape screen, leaving me to waste 30 seconds on a map I wouldn't clear. In hindsight I could have tried clicking the exit button through the notification, but that's the sort of thing I'm talking about. If surprise maintenance is necessary, please provide warning enough to at least finish a 5-7 round match. Generally speaking, progress on this game seems to be sort of "one step forward and two steps back". Take hero balance as an example. Trap builds were the go-to build for a while because most other things didn't really work. The other heroes were then buffed a bit, so they were useful again (one step forward). Then, one new hero came out with a tower that does about 2 x the dps/defense unit compared to cannonballs with far more range (two steps back). Yes I know the game is in its alpha release. I also know that the target is to eventually release heroes and content on a regular basis without having to fix some catastrophic or even annoying error each time. Ultimately the process of adding content needs to be smooth if not flawless. Why not make that now? What leads to these errors? What can be done to streamline the process? I suggest striving for publishable content at every iteration. This is hard, and frustrating at first. For a while this might slow some things down, but then people form new and better habits. Ultimately there will be less editing necessary, and the end products will come faster.
  10. There are a lot of pet abilities listed in the wiki. They are organized in tabs according to pet type (gato, dragon, creeper) and elemental damage. It seems to me a pet doing elemental damage has all of the abilities for it's class as well as additional elemental abilities available to it. I don't think the wiki has anything on # of projectiles or damage scaling though. Here's a link. http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Pets[[10412,hashtags]] 
  11. I loved DD1 for the complexity. The builds that you would see got so nuanced and specialized. I really like this style of play, especially since heroes only have 1-2 useful towers apiece: apprentice, fire & freeze, squire cannonball & wall monk lightning & skyguard (except huntress which is god tier in this game). On top of tower imbalance, gear passives further limit the towers a builder can lay down effectively (is my squire cannonball squire or wall squire?). I think hero deck was intended to be challenging or provide incentive to play in groups, but for me it's just boring. I say if solo player wants to grind 12 heroes to max level and get gear for all of them, then they should be able to do so and use them without penalty. This doesn't really make or break the game for me, since I do play w/ friends. I just prefer more freedom. tl;dr @#$# yeah towers should stay. Not only no penalty for switch, but could just get rid of HD.
  12. I didn't like the lane resistances at first, but I'm actually kinda sad to see them go (though I haven't seen them go yet). I agree that there is a lot more freedom, and experimenting with different combos will be more fun again. I did like the challenge they posed though. It was like each map had 3 mini builds (physical resist, magic resist, no resist). I would always roll with whatever combination the map threw at me, so re-rolling maps was never an issue. Only real bummer for me was when pushing the limits of the build. A DPS hero can help you clear a map that your towers struggle with, but as a solo player, you really only get one DPS hero. You have to choose between primarily magical or physical damage, so they are much less useful on one of the resist lanes. Invariably that lane gets heavy at an inopportune time, and that ends your run. A little bit of luck is fun, but it can be pretty frustrating when a map you've beat 4 times all of a sudden kicks your butt because the !@#$ physical resist lane was heavy. I am excited about being able to have some AOE and some single target damage on each lane again though. I've found that magical = AOE and physical = single target. Physical AOE was/is really limited to the explosive traps, and calling those AOE is a little generous since their range is so much smaller than other AOE (now I'm wondering if earthshatter does physical, but other towers are so much better i don't think it really matters). There was also balistas, but they didn't affect an area but a line. I guess overall this is a step in the right direction. I am wary about random resistances, but if it's only an odd monster here and there, it probably won't be a big deal. It's funny to me that people seem to recall them fondly from DD1, but everyone used weaken auras to just remove resistances there. Either that or they used harpoons or minions, that didn't get resisted.
  13. I'm skeptical of new heroes being balanced as well. I think in order to move the meta, they will add intentional power creep. New heroes will be stronger than old. Take DD1 for example. I love the summoner as many do, but he was totally not balanced. He was the only hero that essentially doubled your DU (we can talk build time, but if you're playing with 3-4 it's not really an issue). I think those sort of changes will happen with new heroes again. The game will stay sort of fresh by playing with new heroes, but there will always be a sort of optimum strategy. The balance I expect to see is the balance between releasing new heroes often enough to keep the game exciting, but with enough time in between to lvl them up without making it feel like a grind. One way to do this would be to buff the older players occasionally to cater to the nostalgia that players have for them.
  14. My first play through on free play I went straight for hard (the campaign bored me to tears) Things were going pretty good (challenging but clear in 1st or 2nd try) until I hit Ramparts. Little horn valley drops gear of lvl 31-35, Ramparts drops gear at lvl 28 ish. The level is super easy too. I actually got bored doing everything up to Betsy (next 4-5 maps!), where I get wrecked. My character is lvl 40, but the highest lvl gear I can find is max 35 (except for in shop, but I have better things to spend gold on than gear). Why does the difficulty decrease dramatically halfway through the maps? Where are the lvl 35-40 gear drops?
  15. I don't think speed is going away entirely. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there will still be speed spheres as well as speed as a special stat on higher tier gear (like range boost now). With critical hits introduced, I think speed will be even more important. It will just be harder to come by, and will likely not be boostable to the point it strains animations, balance, etc. I'm also suspect of the critical hit mechanic. Mostly I'm sad because I really liked the earthly knock up tower, but with such a low native fire rate, I fear it will be of little use, due to a lower relative probability of getting a crit hit, compared with other (cheaper) towers. All of that is assuming the mechanic is implemented well. There are examples of games where the mechanic was not balanced properly, and it was very detrimental to play. I can appreciate that it is possible to implement with little or no change to play. I'm just not sure it will happen. Here's hoping Trendy knows what they're doing.
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