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  1. 0 relics mod 10 drop after update, maybe my chances will increase when they only go down to level 10.
  2. I'm talking about green quality relics if they are not specifically 10/10. What I said about the 10/10 was that I played over 400h after the mods were released and only took 4 10/10 relics.
  3. if it were rng I would get green mods not only mods of bad qualities. I already talked with several players and with one who played the same time I played yesterday, he got a 20 and I got 1 green (relics only)
  4. Completed floor 169, so far only 4 relics 10/10. 20 chaos runs for one poor green relic. only a drop mythical chest (floor 118) and ancient egg (floor 166). I recently installed a vpn because I have connection problems (only DD2) and only then did I get the 4 greens and 1 mythical chest, climbing 6 floors.
  5. the core falls below 90% health. Great change
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