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  1. Knowing PS+ this may just be pressure from PS requiring many of their online interactions to require ps+ (most games that I have had exp with on ps4 online groups require ps+) Hoping to have it back to "normal" soon
  2. Going off this something like a magic circle when a Dark Mage casts a spell? Don't stand in the circle basically- Obv more than just moving out of a circle. Maybe something like pop the blaze balloon above the mages head to stop the spell
  3. Interesting idea for strategic revamp- What if our enemies could effect us with status effects like frost/frozen/ignite/shock/drench? Some goblins throw water balloons/oil grenades, Lightning bugs- lightning- Drakins ignite/ new enemy option frost drakin applies slow/freeze
  4. Don't get me wrong they can make MaM pretty interesting with the different tools available to someone that can move towers. Also random thought (been thinking about overwatch too much recently), Trendy could do something like Trobjorn when building turrets and have a scrap mechanic instead of mana to upgrade turrets. With mystic I see the "keep her god appeased" line similar to Series EV mega lazor/nuke ability. We haven't been able to test how annoying it is, but again all speculation on my hopes. Strategic revamp should hopefully provide an increase in difficulty for us that isn't hero dependent.
  5. Most compelling argument, [[11117,hashtags]]-a-cade
  6. Mystic because generally I don't think man and machine will have versatility. I am not sold on being able to move towers. Mystic doesn't really provide a description of her abilities or what kind of defenses she will have I hope she will go in a different direction. Also the description kinda gives a night-blade feel.
  7. % dmg gets broken way to easily making it much harder to balance than %dp, while I think % dp would be a good buff to the aura I think % of stats would be a more viable solution. So if you wanted to make your boost aura add defense health you have a Monk with crazy high DH and then his boost aura would apply X% of each stat. Then you have the opportunity to add in spheres to augment the boost or take a higher % of one stat and less of another. Though just thinking of this idea a little bit further down most people would go for the straight dmg aspect of IE: DP boost sphere. So my idea is more of a change to it than a solves the problem kind of thing EDIT: To answer your question, keep the % low but add more than just %dp that the tower provides
  8. Anyone else remember when boost aura was broken strong? That % dmg increase was just a bit too much, they haven't made any changes to it since they nerfed it hard. It's probably going to get plenty o love in the revamp
  9. If dragolich was added to the table I would not want it to be something I could purchase with medals I would want an absurdly rare roll from a dragon/creeper egg this coming from someone who doesn't have drago
  10. wilywilton

    Betsy Egg!

    +1 to making it part of the loot table- possibly implementing onslaught on boss levels- every 15 waves boss fight and having it part of the loot table for that round
  11. One-Goblin-Band This is a goblin running around with a bunch of instruments increasing the movement speed of the other forces around him. When he gets to the end of the lane/ to your walls, the one goblin band puts down a goblin battle standard. This goblin battle standard can be the exact same effect as the monk boost aura except it works for the old ones.
  12. With the Goblin Tank rolling around the corner I figured we could also think of some other new and interesting enemy options that we would like to see incoming. Please limit post to one enemy so we can get a proper response on how the community responds to your idea.
  13. Short sweet definition (I did come from a MOBA background so I'll have to deal with that) Since we are dealing with a strategy game it should apply just the same. If you disagree that's fine, your viewpoint. M: Most E: Efficient T: Tactics A: Available On to your main point from the other posts: I believe trendy is moving towards increasing the diversity in both enemies and options to face those enemies. Currently yes the game is lacking in both ways to deal with the waves of monsters but the main problem with this is the balance. We have the strategic revamp just around the corner to help bring under utilized defenses back up to par. While I don't know how that is going to effect how we play end game content yet, I would venture to guess that would bring in more options than just cookie cutter build paths for each map. Trendy has announced the "Goblin Tank"- once new enemies are released it is going to change the entire flow of late game. Currently we have to deal with ogres as giant dmg sponges because otherwise its throw mobs with more health/more mobs at us. When we have more options than ogres/dragons/mages/kobolds/flyers/burrowers we will get to have more interesting interactions than KILL IT WITH FIRE! End note: I want to see what they have coming out IE) strategic revamp. While I am pumped about new heroes, I would rather have complex interactions against the hordes of the dark ones. What suggestions would you make to make the game more complex?
  14. You can't break into nm4 but you are getting to wave 5? Sounds like you just need to tweak strategy a bit more and you should be just fine. I am using Flamethrower towers instead of traps in most instances and pile on ignite with oily harpoons/huntress flask. While there is certainly a meta you are by no means locked into playing towards it, the "meta" is just the most efficient way to something that is mainstream knowledge.
  15. I have had the same issue. The game has just booted me, there was no lag prior to me getting booted from the game.
  16. Make it a sphere to lessen the cone of fire, if it needs a buff the sphere could also increase peirce chance/ peirce dmg. This would probably synergize with the sploody harpoon build pretty well too
  17. I recently read a thread about end game users finding content either too easy or easy to get tired of. I'd like to make a suggestion to add challenges to the existing. More than just the do over 9000 dmg with towers. Try to make the challenge fun and interesting. Strategist; Do not place any defenses after wave 1 and do 0 hero damage
  18. A previous issue with ogres/specials not dropping loot was when pets got the last hit. It might be the same now, but personally i have just developed a habit of leaving the last 10k health to towers and it works fine for me.
  19. It needs fixing prior to release, but I'd rather they work on the stuff that they have been putting out. IE: weapon types, "builds", new maps (next patch), and tuning nightmare.
  20. In the past trendy has not been able to refund things like this. But an alternative solution may be a gold weekend event. 2x gold dropped from all mobs, maybe more depending on how much they want to make it rain.
  21. Man I thought I just needed to play with my settings
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