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  1. "Some apprentices can't be bought, bullied or reasoned with. Some apprentices just want to watch the world burn"
  2. When I saw this post I thought it would be a thread about which you would prefer. Whatever happens, expect everything to change. When thinking about it, I would actually prefer a wipe. Clean slate. I'm sure everyone has their own opinions though.
  3. Hey, I would be pretty amazed if no-one has suggested this, but I cannot find it anywhere. I apologise in advance if this is the 50th suggestion for this. Can we get player names above their heads please. It would make identifying them in game for mana transfers, map pings etc. so much easier. Thanks and as always - carry on.
  4. You know, I'd like to just get rid of the "%chance on hit to increase movement speed by %' all together. I find that mechanic more annoying than useful. So many deaths from speeding of the map because you're running at light speed.
  5. I think he/she is just stating that the visual style of DD2 is somewhat similar to Torchlight - and that they may have to take that into consideration when designing the look of the character.
  6. I actually really love this game take on explosions and fire. The old school Disney vibe is nice, albeit a little hard to watch for an extended period of time. I'm completely biased on the DD look and feel, playing the other games makes it just feels familiar. I can see how new players might want to see more of a WOW semi-realistic look and feel. Going to be tough to get a consensus from this, visual look and feel is very subjective. Carry on
  7. I agree with Gigazelle's post whole heartedly (especially the current state of 'mine are better than yours'). I would, however, like to see this as a mode you are able to select in game. You could also have additional difficulty perks like one life per wave, smaller mana pool etc. that increases loot bonus and create more rewarding and challenging gameplay. I also think that the matchmaking system would have to be greatly improved before adding this feature to the game. Imagine currently 'finding a game' in this mode? Great discussion.
  8. Maybe all on field mana could just be divided into the players chests evenly on open?
  9. 1. With the game being pre-alpha, which part of the development process do you see the majority of game balancing to be done? (e.g. Defence and enemy balancing, Equipment/sphere etc. etc.) 2. Can you give us a little more insight into how the Fullscreen Tactical Map will work?
  10. That sounds like a fairly simple execution of what I'm talking about. Nice one. As long as you can refer to the map with the defense icons easily, I wouldn't want to be tabbing back and forth.
  11. Maybe banning people for doing this in a pre-alpha is a little harsh, but I definitely like the idea of auto sell on leaving the social lobby with a timed sell. I'm no developer, would something like this take a long time to implement? Nice one.
  12. I was reading the development roadmap for the fifty thousandth time (because you know... it's constantly changing ) and I started thinking about the Fullscreen Tactical Map. Has there been any discussion about this from TE? Anyway, I would love this game feature to allow a team to PLAN the build of a map. This would mean you could engage the tactical map and team members could plan out the build. This would intern put graphical placeholders in game that everyone could build to. Discussions and optimisations could be made (with voice or chat). Then at the end of the planning phase everyone votes to go and then the build phase can commence. Obviously, an option to skip the planning phase would be advantageous for those super experienced pro teams that already know what they're going to do. So many times at the start of a map the question of 'who's building?' gets asked. This could be one way for everyone to feel like they're being part of the build and contributing their own special flava flave. It would also allow the more experienced veterans to drop some learning bombs on the new guys - show them the ropes and how to build for their level. What do you all think?
  13. I played DD1 on PS3 and I understand people who want to play the same way as they did on consoles. But saying that the game is 'unplayable' without controller support is a little over the top. Thats the same as saying any third person game on PC is unplayable? I'm not saying we shouldn't have it in game, I'd love to have the option, but I'm not expecting it to be around until its required for the PS4 version.
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