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  1. So I got on the other day to check out the abyss lord, and I saw that I needed medals to get him. Now, i don't really know anything about the medals or how I can get them, But if you go to the GAME tab on this website, it says that Dungeon Defenders is free to play and that no game advantages will be sold. Only costumes and defense skins. I don't know how to get the Defender medals. and I would think that you can't get them in game since I have not gotten any in game yet. So wouldn't that break Trendy Entertainments policy against buying game advantages?
  2. So i got onto Dungeon Defneders II a while ago, and my settings got reset because of the update. This is fine, but when i turned on full screen, it forced me out of my game window. I tried over and over again to open up DunDef2 but it just wasn't working. now im afraid that if i delete and redownload the game again, i'll have to restart my game. A) Should i try it? B) Is this bug something from the game, or my computer? C) Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do about this??
  3. I think it would be cool if there were a DLC that adds in 4 of the old towers... The towers would still have same abilities as in this game, but they would look like the old towers. You could replace the cannonball tower with the look of the Bowling ball turret. You could change the fireball tower to look like the old one with the hand holding the fireball and such.. An ALOT more!!!
  4. My Spec ideas: Apprentice: Towers: 1. Lighting Tower: Changes Frostbite tower into a lightning tower that hits enemies in a chain. (Just like in Dungeon Defenders 1) Magic dmaage 2. Earth Quake Tower: Changes Earth Shatter Tower into an earthquake tower that targets the farthest enemy within radius then hit the ground causing an earth quake damaging all enemies in its path before hitting its target. Physical damage 3. Ground Pound Tower: Changes Earth Shatter Tower into a Ground Pounding tower that constantly hits the ground damaging all enemies within its short radius. Physical damage Squire: Towers: 1. Missile Launcher: Changes the Ballista Tower into a Missile Launcher that fires Powerful missiles and a slow speed at nearby enemies. (Including air enemies) Magic damage Huntress: Towers: 1. (This one is kinda a long shot) Detonator: Changes the Poison Dart Tower into a detonator that activates when an enemy is nearby... It doesn't do damage itself, but it does activate map traps (traps that are placed in the map by default) Monk: Towers: 1. I couldn't think of any for the monk lol I will think of some more later! ^_^
  5. I think it would be more challenging if when subcores get destroyed, enemies would start coming out of the protection right away... Lots of people let the subcore(s) get destroyed on the last wave..
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