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  1. Was asking about the same thing. I started over but it would be amazing to at least get the gems and exclusives (survived loot-pocalypse skins for example) for the console version. I just want to play the gun witch I bought but never got to play because my cpu broke. :,( Please give us some sort of repsonse [[4370,users]] or [[64025,users]]
  2. It wouldn't be a huge problem if not for the fact I put over $100 into the pc version of this game I bought every steam dlc available for this game up to the gun witch. I have not played since her release. I tried starting over....but it's just too disheartening to have nothing of what I worked so hard to gain...
  3. I would but my computer that I had that could run it broke. I'm too poor to get a new one or to rebuy all the in-game items and such.
  4. I have been supporting Dungeon Defenders 2 since almost the beginning of early access. But about a year ago my computer broke. I have a ps4 and have been wanting to play dd2...but all of my stuff is on my steam account. I bought tons of cosmetics along with the $60 edition of the game and the gun witch (whom I never got to play, since that is right when my cpu broke). I was hoping there might be some way to connect/transfer it all over to my account on ps4. I would really appreciate a response Trendy, I really live this game but haven't been able to enjoy it for a while.
  5. No actually, it's terrible for solo. Less option = less strategy. This is pretty straightforward. Make each tower better in certain circumstances and have combos between them. Like that, people won't only use the strongest defense everywhere. I wasn't saying it adds a TON of strategy, it adds a very limited amount, much less than if you didn't have it or had more slots. Having unlimited heroes would mean you could do a lot more, like having 5 huntresses, 4 of which have a mastery of 1 of the towers, and the 5th being a dps. I like this idea. The hero deck does involve strategy, but not enoug
  6. No reason to be so rude, I was saying I dislike the hero deck same as you. :/
  7. I'm going to have our team talk more about this soon, but you hit the nail on the head. It ultimately comes down to having very limited ways of "winning," which is leading to stale gameplay. It's a multi-faceted issue from a variety of factors. The current Tower Defense gameplay is unbalanced due to a variety of systems making certain towers undeniably better than others and the other towers not being in a competitive state. (In regards to system refinements: When we say that everything is on the table for improvements, we mean everything. We're looking at every system in the game to refine.)
  8. This is planned to be Free to play when it hits official release. Until then it's pay to play early access with free premium currency given as compensation for putting money in. You pay 25 to get access to the game and get $30 of premium currency, that doesn't sound scumbagish to me.
  9. I for one am glad they added the system in and am happy with it too. They have quite a bit of premium content already and are making more. We were going to run out of the free premium we got eventually and the new system seems very nice! Getting bonus gems at tiers is a nice touch I had never considered. Good on ya in my opinion Trendy. :) And I doubt this means they're going to be focusing more on premium content than they have been. Premium is a suppliment to the game, if you want proof look at what they've been adding to the hotfixes to see their focal point.
  10. Because currently it stops people abusing each defense individually. For example: It makes the choice for you, because when 6 hero slots are available, you'd have heroes specifically tuned for each combo which would be overpowered. Why use a waller squire to build cannon's if you had a monk and apprentice in your arsensal? Now you'd have multiple squires available to build each defense more efficient individually without losing that powerful monk and apprentice! (How is that balanced?) Ask yourself. Why use a flameburst apprentice to build your earthshatters, and your frostbites, when you ha
  11. I was going to suggest this. It would really add immersion to the game and make playing a lot more enjoyable. Aye. So would having another hero or two on the roster that isn't a slightly different copy of all the others the way the first four are. I really do feel like using all humans has been restricting us creatively, both the players and the design team. I'm actually more worried about the hero vote, the weather vote is actually way ahead of it atm and well into a safe zone for implementation. I'd really appreciate if you guys voted a bit more on the hero's as well as the weather. They
  12. I think the reasoning behind that is the description makes it basically an ogre that ignores people. A kobold king would be the boss of all kobolds, so it would need its own incursion area. Otherwise the wyvern special enemy would be betsy herself. For the market hub there has been the general idea that a market hub = trading added. Because of the word market. The thing with the ui is both because beginners have it a little hard, and organization atm is kinda argh. And that intro sequence which frankly looked amazing. I don't see why it needs SO many votes either though. XD I liked it becaus
  13. I like the weather changes personally. The current maps are getting SO incredibly stale. :/
  14. Same as a Growld but red and yellow. They did say only certain pets will have evolutions now. Maybe the itsy betsy will have the evolution instead of the Growld?
  15. So I just watched the Devstream and heard about the amazing Bearacade. I for one want this tower in the game. But not just the Bearacade, oh no! I want an amazingly punny tower for ALL of the heroes! Such as: The poison Fart Tower: Instead of shooting poisonous darts, it spreads a wave of gas that wafts through foes poisoning them. It would have an AOE but be restricted to ground enemies with a slow charge time. If anyone else has an idea for a tower leave a suggestion!
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