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  1. Yeah this is definitely a post yesterday's (8-10-21) patch bug.
  2. O.k. so I have an update, they are indeed not working. They start out working but then spazz out and do this idle animation after a few wave. I tried selling one and re-making it but it too just spazzed out. As you can see there are enemies for them to go after but they aren't.
  3. I'm on P.C. and mine are finally working in the tavern now and in game.
  4. lol yeah it says earned equally not split amongst them. If one earns 10 million they all do, that's the way I read it anyway.
  5. O.k. so this is by design. That's weird and there's soooo many things that the game doesn't tell you. Thanks for clarifying. I was loosing my mind. It's all about the trek to 83 now for massacre. I was going to grind The Summit NM for more Crystals but didn't know it was good for the XP, thanks for the tip!
  6. So I'm kind of pissed off here. I was wondering why I just couldn't hit 78 XP today. I kept doing various campaign maps, survival, etc. and the XP the game told me I was earning was going no where. I had around 11 mil XP, I did wave 23-25 in a survival map on Nightmare, it said I was awarded around 21 Mil XP. I checked my character sheet and I was at 17 Mil XP. So I only gained around 6 Mil XP. Where the "F" did the rest of it go?!? That's one example. I didn't realize it until recently. Plus the XP wheel has been all over the place. I've done like 3 hours of nightmare content and I'm still lv
  7. Personally I think it will be some endless waves (I believe that's how onslaught was in DD1) kind of mode. The more waves you clear, the sweeter the reward.
  8. Basically this. Was using the shard that adds crushing earth damage...seemed like a win. It just seemed odd since it let me use a relic with a water mod without an error message. It just had an issue with the poison mod.
  9. I was trying something different I thought Poison Protons or Poison Reflect Walls would be fun but I got the red text "invalid for tower" message. Is this right? I tried water servo and didn't get the message. That's all kinds of bunk if intended.
  10. Yup. And let me be clear, I was already working on something different anyway and I'm not mad about what they did just the way they did it. I'm all about being challenged to look for something new and already had several options, anticipating that this would happen in spite of them saying it wouldn't. This kind of thing makes it difficult for people to justify future time sinks with a game like this knowing it could all be a waste. There needs to be some kind of stability knowing our time is well spent. They need to stop re-inventing the wheel and instead figure how to improve the wheel inste
  11. The thing that kills me in all of this is that people were specifically asking if they were going to change the nature of S.R. with Weapon Mans. in the live streams leading up to the player-centric patch...They said no multiple times...and now here we are and the combo is now dead.../facepalm. It's not like this was a new combo that came out of the patch. People have been doing this for a while. They really seem to not know WTF they're doing at this point. LOL they claimed rigorous testing when removing the taunt from petrify but I ask you who didn't know how powerful petrify was after the fir
  12. Try just using 1 C7 Relic and maybe two C5 Relics. This will save you quite a bit. I'm doing A.P. resets as well (just did lucky 13) and this has worked well for me. Also don't forget the new petrify combo is great c.c. and you can use campaign level relics to pull it off. Just use a Proton with Earth damage and a PDT...DONE! Instant c.c. that doesn't care what damage they are doing. Same with Weapon Mans. They're utility not damage. I usually only go to C7 on same my Flame Auras and my Earth Shatters are like C5 along with Weapon Mans. It's usually around 2.5 mil a reset and I usually use D.M
  13. Yeah I freely admin I could be nuts but I could have sworn they were different prices.
  14. I could have sworn that the cost for guilding a shard was either 2 mil. gold or 1K Defender Medals...am I wrong? It seems to me that the cost to guild a shard with Defender Medals has doubled since the patch...is this intentional? If so WTF? I KNOW (well at least like 98% sure) they weren't the same price but I want to make sure I'm not insane..at least with this issue.
  15. My first reset wasn't bad because I knew what I was getting into. I got to around floor 60 then chain resets 10 times. I then progressed to floor 103 then reset again. This is where I'm currently at, working on my next 10. I decided up front to mix it up between A.P. resets, a little progression (30 or so floor push before next series of resets), a little Mastery, and rinse and repeat. This will break up the monotony of doing any one thing until your eyes bleed. It takes around 6-8 hours of game play for 1 A.P. The trick I used is to pick 2 relics and get them to C7 and go to work. Don't
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