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  1. Try just using 1 C7 Relic and maybe two C5 Relics. This will save you quite a bit. I'm doing A.P. resets as well (just did lucky 13) and this has worked well for me. Also don't forget the new petrify combo is great c.c. and you can use campaign level relics to pull it off. Just use a Proton with Earth damage and a PDT...DONE! Instant c.c. that doesn't care what damage they are doing. Same with Weapon Mans. They're utility not damage. I usually only go to C7 on same my Flame Auras and my Earth Shatters are like C5 along with Weapon Mans. It's usually around 2.5 mil a reset and I usually use D.M.s to level the few shards that aren't guilded. Good luck!
  2. Cool beans!!! Thanks for confirming.
  3. Thanks for the update. However based on testing in the tavern, PDT's are still not showing poison on the dummy (when you sell the PDT there's no poison damage still ticking away). Is this just a dummy thing? My tooltip DPS displays 113K DPS (I've been doing resets so it's campaign lvl). but the displayed DPS on dummy (lovely yellow numbers) is showing around mid 70K as if the poison damage still isn't working. And yes I waited to enter the game after the patch was installed.
  4. Yeah I freely admin I could be nuts but I could have sworn they were different prices.
  5. I could have sworn that the cost for guilding a shard was either 2 mil. gold or 1K Defender Medals...am I wrong? It seems to me that the cost to guild a shard with Defender Medals has doubled since the patch...is this intentional? If so WTF? I KNOW (well at least like 98% sure) they weren't the same price but I want to make sure I'm not insane..at least with this issue.
  6. My first reset wasn't bad because I knew what I was getting into. I got to around floor 60 then chain resets 10 times. I then progressed to floor 103 then reset again. This is where I'm currently at, working on my next 10. I decided up front to mix it up between A.P. resets, a little progression (30 or so floor push before next series of resets), a little Mastery, and rinse and repeat. This will break up the monotony of doing any one thing until your eyes bleed. It takes around 6-8 hours of game play for 1 A.P. The trick I used is to pick 2 relics and get them to C7 and go to work. Don't worry about anything else since you're just going to reset. My first 10 resets were Weapon Mans. and Earth Shatters. This time around I'm using Weapon Mans. and Flame Auras. Now with the petrify combo we can use a campaign level PDT and say Proton with earth and produce petrify. The trick is to find what works best for you, will keep your interest and won't make your eyes bleed.../gameon.
  7. So I've had strange issues with Mastery yesterday and today in that I'll just fail a condition when nothing happened. Yesterday I was doing Bastele and I failed losing a defense but after checking my D.U. totals nothing changed. Then just now I'm doing Chaos 7 Grimstone and It fails me citing I lost the East Gate Lock when nothing was near it...oh and the gate was still at full health and nothing spawned out of the supposed new spawn point. This is basically making me not want to to Mastery for a while. Is anyone else experiencing this with Mastery? I did up to 155 starts before patch and thought I'd go at it again after the patch. Every session I've tried post patch it's been stupid.
  8. Tigorus


    Didn't know about that, thanks. Will check it out.
  9. Tigorus


    It wasn't exactly a rumor. It was an estimate from the developer: "As for the update itself, our current goal is to have it out the first half of April. We're getting almost everything into an RPG testing state for this week and then we'll go through their feedback, iterate on it, fix any bugs that are discovered, rinse, and repeat. GDC is also next week, and a handful of us are going to be out for that week (got to make sure DD:A is going to have all the sweet advancements it can). This is all while we're also doing DD:A work, we're really putting in the hours to make sure both projects are getting love." While that was just an estimate it's a reasonable expectation to think the provided time table could be met. At this point the lack of communication is more damning than any delay. A simple check in would go a long way. The developer does have a responsibility to keep players interested and provide something to look forward to if the expectation is that we buy things in their game.
  10. Same. Tried to play for about 10 min. but it kept doing so I figured it wasn't meant to be.
  11. Defender Medal cap increase confirmed!!!...
  12. I will also add my $0.02 here in that it sucks for the Onslaught grind. It's just too much, especially since you might not be optimized since you're resetting a lot doing the A.P. grind. The lane B.S. (mutators), the Assassins, the (what feels like) "not enough d.u.'s" for the map and then the Dragon is just too much...especially if you are doing solo. You can't be everywhere at once.
  13. Yeah I also just experienced this and posted in the bugs section. I was going to purchase more but not now that they aren't giving anything. @ Lawlta, Thanks for the update.
  14. I just opened a Epic and Mythical Defender chest and they were both empty. I got a screen shot of the Mythical. Please reimburse these 2 chests.
  15. My thoughts are maybe 500-750 D.M.'s per shard. Considering you can get 5 random shards for 500 D.M.'s it makes since to have a similar charge for individual shards. I mean we will still need to have 11 total to gild and the 2 Mil. If this game wants any hope of attracting and keeping new players they need to have a reasonable way to allow players to get the the end game. Millions of gold and/or thousands of D.M.'s are just going to make new/casual players leave once they know what it requires to progress.
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