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  1. Will we ever see moounts in DD2?I know that's not needed but mounts are still cool.
  2. When I went from social tavern to private tavern i had this bug/issue(I don t know how to explain it): Everything worked normal after restarting the game. When i was jumping i wasn t fallling down but if i wasn t i fell. How you can see on the pictures i was able to see players and some of the textures.
  3. I went beyond the map on Nimbus Reach In this why it s possible to go beyond the map on other maps. It s possible to make it without the flame tower but with it it s easier After this you are on phillar and you jump to the next what is in front of you. And then you are in.That kinda textures where you can go by them are on the most of maps.Like in DD1 by portal gun or other ways(towers).  I like the waterfall. I know that it isn t helping a player to win or something like this but i just want to report it/show it.
  4. I found only two legendaries and i have 31 lvl. I m not wearing legendary weapons because they have lower item power than powerful items.For me legendary weapons had better stats than mythic or powerful and way more bonuses. I want to go forward in the game.In my opinion legendaries should have more Item power than powerful or mythic.I was playing couple of hours on the same map because of the item power.I team uped with random defenders and we went forward on private game to get better gear.This is the best way to go forward in the game.
  5. Full wipe! Apprentice or Squire
  6. The next contest can be "How long can you survive on onslaught mode" because the next contest must be associated with the update.
  7. In my opinion that person who has the best tower stats should build, you can give him an idea for the setup if you want to help.
  8. You can have more gems typing every 15 minutes [[1342,hashtags]] on Devstream in twitch chat or you can wait on micropayments
  9. When you gone tell as something about new characters? Or Just say that they are coming in this patch or another
  10. Hunter Spec: After a few shots have a x% chance to use instantly a random skill but not using her mana
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