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  1. Be fun to have my life steal rouge from Diablo II in this game. Stand in the face of the enemy as long as you don't get stunned you are immortal.
  2. I look at the scars on my body from two wars and remember the guys who didn't make it back. Then my day doesn't seem so bad. Also doing something nice for someone else makes you feel good. Plus people assume its because your a nice person
  3. Everything is an improvement over DDE at this point :)
  4. I would probably characterize it as "in development"
  5. Private games grab some buddies and grind like mad.
  6. What in gods name are you talking about? Your revenge quest has driven you to the point where you are unable to create a logical argument. Please take a couple days off and cool off so the rest of us can enjoy the forums. You're not even worth it, fail troll is fail. Yes you have failed to troll me. I hope you have a great day!
  7. That thread was closed specifically because of you. You were accusational, argumentative, and made it blatantly clear that you felt you could order the forum admins around. Rather than trusting that they would take care of their job (especially in a thread they had already posted in), you saw fit to complain and tag them in posts over and over again until they gave up and locked the thread. As far as some of your earlier comments go, You offered your services in testing? Of course you did. So did everyone here. That's what playing the Pre-Alpha IS. You offered to code for them? Really? Why? If they were looking for coders, they would put up a JOB POSTING. If that's what you want to do I encourage you to apply to Trendy. Good luck with that. I know MY employer wouldn't allow some random guy off the street to come in and do development willy-nilly on our products, and I would be shocked if Trendy didn't feel the same way. 20 people? Really? Good-on-you. Hopefully at least one of them is putting in bug reports, playtesting, and spending time on the forums being HELPFUL I don't even want to get in to why you bought 15 copies. Paid for some cups of coffee for them, I guess? In the end, your claim that you've done more than most to try to improve the game is blatantly false. All i can see is the toxic threads that keep getting started with your name on them. I see a large portion of the "forum warriors" doing useful things like running Q&A threads, and posting insightful questions and suggestions. Perhaps it's time for you to start contributing CONSTRUCTIVELY to this community, instead of DESTRUCTIVELY. The "Forum Warriors" and I thank you in advance. -Stretch Your sight is short my friend please back off of your anger and look at the whole picture. Or is your intention to attempt to cause unrest. If you feel the forum post is not creative or constructive you are most welcome to cease posting or responding to my posts. I appreciate your creative albeit slightly misguided feedback. Please see where I have attempted multiple times to assist CONSTRUCTIVELY. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/119824/attempting-to-settle-the-great-rng-debate?scrollTo=1124020#1124020 above is one case in point
  8. What in gods name are you talking about? Your revenge quest has driven you to the point where you are unable to create a logical argument. Please take a couple days off and cool off so the rest of us can enjoy the forums. Here is the link where I was buying copies and bringing players in to test. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/119824/attempting-to-settle-the-great-rng-debate?scrollTo=1124020#1124020
  9. First of all amen, 2nd of all can we get this model Trendy cause you rock so much? http://www.heroesnexus.com/news/30-planned-alpha-wipe-with-reward-for-testing-real :)
  10. I have no grudge with him. Hes upset because of an incident where i reported him for a violation of forum rules. Its ok for people to have feelings and he needs to express them to feel whole. Embrace him in the bonds of acceptance and one day he can feel part of the community . Regardless of your reasoning of his attitude You are the most cancerous forum poster on this forum. All you do is complain day in and day out because you're not getting your way. You're almost never constructive, You refuse to answer simple questions and when anyone even SLIGHTLY pulls you up on another baseless fact to throw out into the wind you accuse them of "trolling you". Your excuse and I quote here is "Squeaky wheel gets the grease". So basically you're just trying to whine and moan enough to get your way like a snotty little brat. How you're still allowed to post when all you do is throw around hatred for this game and its community is beyond me. I appreciate your feedback if I had "My way" based on my posts the following things would happen. 1.) DD2 would use the solid and well tried gear design from DD1 creating a simple and tried drop process. Focusing on the graphical effects of gear on the characters rather than trying to re-work the wheel. 2.) DD2 would use heavier pay options for selling cosmetic gear as well as in game boosts. 3.) Votes for new and upcoming game changes would be one vote per player as opposed to single players having 100 to 200 votes stored up. In regards to your statement that I refuse to answer simple questions please let me know what question has been posed to me that I have failed to respond to not only with a complete statement but, also usually with evidence to back it up? I would be happy to correct that. Only twice since I have been on this forum have I accused someone of trolling me. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/121176/wipe-influence-points?scrollTo=1136142&page=3 That link will carry you to the conversation where I have made the most recent accusation. I reference you next to the forum rules concerning being civil. Always Be Civil Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness: Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.The person in question attacked the forum post without creating a basis for debate or constructive criticism the poster simply resorted to name calling with the below term. derp (third-person singular simple present derps, present participle derping, simple past and past participle derped) To act stupidly or foolishlyTo make a stupid mistake [quotations ▼](slang, of eyes) To point in different directions; (of a person) To have a facial expression with one's eyes pointing in different directions.Lastly tied to your last paragraph. I am allowed to post because my posts fit within the limits of the forum rules. Trendy has long allowed people to speak their mind on subjects. The "squeaky wheel gets the grease" Response was tied to a community member that decided lash out against me. Rather than attack back I took the high road. One day Trendy may state that people cannot post opinions that are not in alignment with their own but, at the moment that's not the case. As such the voice of the community can still be heard. I applaud Trendy for this and continue to exercise this right.
  11. I have no grudge with him. Hes upset because of an incident where i reported him for a violation of forum rules. Its ok for people to have feelings and he needs to express them to feel whole. Embrace him in the bonds of acceptance and one day he can feel part of the community .
  12. Bought 15 copies eh? Time to do what you done to me, and politely ask the moderator to ban you for having multiple accounts. I'm presuming you're stating that you're not only multi-boxing steam accounts, but perhaps using this to contribute for the influences as a single user. (Because you have a history talking about influence points and how the system works.) Also, a little note on here Paul, you act as if you're trying your very hardest to improve the game, well ***, the only thing I can see you contributing towards is negative behavior at everybody... even trendy. Oh? you keep things documented, remember when you came to one of my threads and began defaming trendy and their credibility to produce this game 2 months ago? I sure as hell do and so does a few important community members. And before I break your balls about the word 'Important' beside a community member, I mean somebody whose been around the block several times not just on DD2 forums, but also DD1 and DDE. See, you're being a *** and it isn't impressive. Nice try lol please seek out the posts where I was giving copies of the game away to get people to come play. Im not here to argue and your just upset because you openly admitted to multi-accounting. Please allow the conversation to continue on its natural and appropriate course. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/121176/wipe-influence-points?scrollTo=1136189&page=3#1136189
  13. Be polite in game and make some friends. Most of the people in game are willing to help.. Don't leach and be appreciative for the assistance you get.
  14. You're not advocating change in the game. You are simply complaining about a necessary wipe due to massive changes in the game. In essence you are trying to get the game to never change again. As I do not have to go go over the literally hundreds of posts I have made advocating different types of change I will again summarize my feelings around the current state of the game in simple terms. 1.) The gear change is already broken.. the new gear system will not be effective and insufficient thought has gone into it. DP and DS are the only effective processes for the style of play in DD. IF they do not modify the critical hit process they currently are telling us about the end effect will be frustration by new players and mass exodus. Using a random change modifier as a PRIMARY aspect of how an attack works has never worked in any game. It makes determining how to create defenses and how to support your fellow players more chance based rather than thought or strategy based. The logic flow for building defense becomes based on a failure system as opposed to a creative system. IE.. We all build defenses then calculate what they odds are of the defenses doing a critical hit sufficient enough to kill a monster before it closes and kills our defenses. The name of the game becomes defense spam.
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