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  1. Label it. I logged in today after a few months of not playing to find that I couldn't get to the tavern, I kept being droped in to what appeared to be someone elses match that they hadn't finished. I also noticed that I was forced to create a new character. neither of these items was a real issue, other than the fact that I had to 'figure out' that I was in a tutorial, and hadn't actually realized yet that there had been a character wipe. so my suggestion. after the initial 'create a character' scene, have a screen with a notice, 'you are being taken to the tutorial'. and have that page ha
  2. I am absolutely all for this idea, I loved dungeon keeper. but he will have to look exactly like that. ya know thought, this could be a good opening for an offensive/ assault mode, where you brave the dungeon keepers randomly placed defenses on different maps in order to beat him. could earn exclusive weapons on harder difficulties..
  3. cool, cause I was gonna bump it with another PLEASE DONT LET THIS THREAD DIE!!!!!!!!! post. glad I didn't have to resort to that... >.>
  4. no idea what that is, but I could do with some base pet variety It's the dog of some guy in the developers team, he took that dog to a meeting in the Influence week. They joked about it on the latest devstream in that case *WHIPS OUT THE ABSOLUTLEY MASSIVE STAMP OF APPROVAL THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE PAGE* ye..
  5. Interesting ideas! And the vague wording was purposeful on that count. Weak means weak, however it's decided to be interpreted. I suppose they could even say that maxing ability power on her gives her an insane one shot ability on most creatures who are far inferior to her stats. Depends on what they want her to be viewed as. The most balanced would be making it based off of x amount of max hp is left, giving her the useful ability to execute things even in higher onslaught levels, while not making it extremely easy either. You'd have to injure them in the first place to execute them, meaning
  6. hmm... it seems that this thread didn't get much love lol
  7. please// don't let the thread DIE.... nooo.. I want my unicorn...
  8. definitely likeing this thread guys, keep that goos stuffs comeing. you never know, someone might actually look at this page.. :)
  9. head rolls faster down hill and does minor momentum damage to anything it crashes in to. if hero, small stun effect.
  10. heya. im likeing the newest costume designs. the artists did a great job with these. however, I noticed that after I logged in, and finally got the 'tutorial' out of the way. I still had my dragonfal huntress costume unlocked, but not the red rideing huntress. I have the option to purchase it. I was also granted a lot of rewards after logging in since this is my first log in after what has to have been a wipe. am I to assume the gems I received are compensation for everything I bought before the wipe? if so, why unlock the dragon fall costume, but not the red rideing...?
  11. Yes, you are correct, I did misread that part of your post, and I apologize for that. As for the second half of your post, though, I haven't missed anything in that regard. This isn't about intentions, it's about action. And even in your example, there are ways for the DPS to get in there and do more than just take out a couple of weakened enemies. Plus, with your particular example, this is only possible due to a known balance issue that's heavily exploited, but unique to monks and very likely to be fixed. In fact, a lot of your argument here kind of hinges on the game remaining in the
  12. there is also a move called en passant - meaning 'in passing' where a pawn can capture an enemy pawn on a square diagonal from it if the enemy pawn could have captured it in the previous move, this also can only be preformed immediately after the pawn has made the 2 square start. characteristic is that the capturing pawn moves forward instead of diagonal.
  13. First off, the max level cap will not always be 25 and as they push the cap higher, it will take longer to reach the higher levels. Second, there was a lot more to this suggestion than just dealing with people who AFK. It's also about creating a way for builder characters to gain XP and loot without having to be a throwaway fighter in the combat round. You do not currently gain experience for building, upgrading or repairing defenses, nor do they grant experience for the mobs they kill. Instead, XP is simply doled out for being present during the combat phase. Since the game encourages pl
  14. haha, my thought is that if the bull comes in to contact with a hero, preferably surrounded by mobs, the hero auto jumps on the bulls back and goes for his/her 8sec 'twirling tornado of death' ride
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