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  1. I talked to some people in the discord and they told me to restart my PC which ended up fixing the problems, not sure why the problem started to begin with but just glad it's gone. If anyone else gets the problem make sure to full restart your steam, and if that doesn't work restart your PC. I attempted to fix restarting the game a few times just didn't cut it. Edit: One thing I will add though, is I'm unsure when the exact point the problem started, since I've been playing more than my friends. But I did crash multiple times that day after G-Sync turned itself back on, which do
  2. Not sure if this also matters, but in the bottom left corner while the menu is up you can see it saying I'm on medium difficulty? Not sure why when i'm just in the tavern.
  3. (As I say below, some people on discord helped me by suggesting to do a full restart of my PC & Steam, which resulted in fixing all the errors, if you have any similar problems try these out!) Hello I bought DDA for me and some friends to enjoy together and stream, but been running into some issues It seems that the issues mostly fall onto my account not theirs - When they attempt to join me they get a message that reads: "Failed to join the game from invite because you are not in the same Open/Secure Play Mode as the Host. To change your Play Mode, return to the Main Menu" If
  4. Also running into this issue, first week we played me and my friends were fine, now I'm getting the grayed out bug and we can't play with each other.
  5. Set defaults not working here, and rather not mess with files. So this is a huge problem makes EV2 almost unplayable.
  6. A lot of people will be playing as new content comes out. But "Most" people that are invested in the game or just fans of dd1. Will check back every now and then and watch it grow. Like i said, give it time. They are nice enough to give content for free might as well let them get a few years of content under their belt before being super critical. If you watched some of the streams/dev logs, the strategic mode that they are working on looks like a blast!
  7. There are lots of people playing, I just don't think the search works very well. Which as they said they are working on. Also personally I think the game just needs time. DD1 has a lot of content and a nice pool of heros. We've been given some sneak peaks into whats coming and a lot of it looks good. I'd say keep showing support even if you aren't actively playing just so content keeps pouring out. I'm excited for whats to come!
  8. Sure its been suggested before, and I've heard that you guys are looking into this already. But it takes way to long to let eggs expire, I suggest a new and creative state of the art Egg Time Machine, One that can cut your wait time down to seconds! To get all the rotten disgusting yet oddly nutritious egg shells for our pets!
  9. Had mine for a little while while I was online, then after a few games it got reset. :/
  10. I had a similar problem but was able to get the "news" open. I put that to my taskbar and spam opend like 10-15 copys of the game and it would open on about 2-3 of them. I still have to do this to log in every day and is really annoying.
  11. Another thing i'll note, when I try to force it to run in administrator, it says "Error: Failed to start game . exe. Please contact Support if the problem persists." After i hit the play button.
  12. One thing I wanted to add, when watching the Task manager details tab, the DunDefGame.Exe says "Running" while the news page is up. And when ever i hit the play button it immediately goes to "Suspended". idk if that helps. Other info is Windows 8.1 if that helps as well.
  13. EDIT: Okay, so I did get the game to load after hours of messing with things, remember how i said i Pinned the news to my icon bar, well I got annoyed so i decided might as well try and break it more. So I kept spam hitting play and opend up about 20 pages of DD2, and 3 of them actually logged onto the game! Hope that helps! When i click the game on steam, the New news screen pops up. When I hit play it vanishes and nothing happens, I've looked in my task manager and its there but not using any cpu/disk/network just 8MB of memory. The rest are sitting at 0. I've tried most the general work ar
  14. I think they just need to update the end screen to better the representation of how everyones doing. Wether thats hero dps, or Tower dps. I don't think threre should be any bonuses for doing better than someone else - but, and only if you are failing at a map really hard. You can take a look at the data from your last game and see how everyone is helping contribute, find out why you arn't able to clear a wave, see who is helping upgrade, repair, CC, ect. So not even pure Damage. Just overal contribution. Again I don't think people should be judged by the game on their performance. But you shou
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