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  1. Greetings, I have tried that and it did not work either. I tried using the -nosplash command and it didn't work either. I have even tried doing a fresh install and it still didn't work. I have also tried another emulator called "SPLITSCREEN". I have also tried "DungeonDefendersEmuConfig84", "xinput1_3.dll" and "SF-Emu", none of these work.
  2. Greetings and super sorry for the late reply. It doesn't seem to be working still, I have disabled controller support in every way possible from big screen, but it still refuses to work.
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to get the emulator to work but most threads on this website were deleted so I can't find direct information, I tried the numpad emulator and the f1 to f4 emulator, but neither worked. I'm on windows 10 and off the steam beta. Anybody has any less-common trouble shooting techniques? Thanks in advance.
  4. Betsy disagrees. Betsy is a waste of time outside of campaign. Difficulty is not worth her drops. Beat her during campaign, and that's it. done deal, never touch that map again. other maps will net you better loot than that one.... every time. I enjoy fighting bosses, and Betsy is the only boss in the game.
  5. 4th player afk, 3rd player trolling and wasting defense units. Votes : 3 yes or nothing will happen. Betsy disagrees. I'd happily join.
  6. Some guy ruined a match of hard freeplay betsy because we couldn't kick him since 4th player was afk, and he didn't leave on his own because 'social score' which doesn't even exist. You can't be serious this game is going to be filled with trolls and we can't stop them. If you're thinking there's no way to troll, think again : Defense units can be wasted.
  7. When you click Play from the main menu or click private then try to be matched with other people has a very large chance of black screen + eternal loading. I've tried waiting around 15 minutes but it was still the same. I can't play with random people and I'm sure this is a bug.
  8. Guys please stay focused on the topic. We're talking about the current patch .-. , I can tank betsy as a huntress well, not the mortar type egg attack thingy since I can't jump that high, my life steal also helps a little she needs a more predictable attack pattern or atleast where we can easily control?
  9. I already tried this stuff out and it didn't work. She swipes her tail and goes back up so high god knows where shows up behind the eggs strikes and lands back only to call wyverns knock me back to hell twice and vanishes right infront of my eyes to go attack the eggs. She rarely attacks, you're not understanding the real problem - her attack pattern is based on luck and it rarely turns out my way. Also, we're talking about solo easy freeplay since Rose is definately talking about nightmare multiplayer or something. In Campaign you can easily build loads of traps on the paltform and watch her get sent into Oblivion since there's no timer.
  10. It's not easy when her attack that pushes you away is luck based too, which happens VERY often. Same as the other person, if she goes behind an egg or you're brawling it against her on that platform and she shoots, you can't stop her from doing damage to them and stop the doom coming because the eggs get destroyed. She needs to either : Get her damage to eggs nerfed and/or do the attacks less frequent.
  11. Having to deal with 800k hp is already a big deal for most of us, but those completely unpredictable attack patterns if she will never even bother to fly once or land only to shoot at the eggs and destroy them within the first 5 minutes of the fight is too much luck based. My previous 2 fights were pretty much like this : Betsy landsBreathes fireAttacks the Eggs by launching fireballsFlies upRain fire on every laneAttack the EggsLandsCall WyvernsFly againAttack eggsGo back to Step 1.You can't even stop her from targeting the eggs, you just have to sit there and wait until she lands, where you will have about 5 seconds to damage her unless you get a decent amount of luck and she keeps spamming fire or what not. This is a serious issue since no bosses in Dungeon Defenders were able to attack the objective them selves. I'm not saying to remove the ability to attack the eggs, but to be able to stop her from attacking the eggs such as placing some turrets from where she attacks them would be nice and make her an actually soloable boss.
  12. What do you mean it does not include it!? Why would the collection not include it!? This is an outrage!
  13. I have all the game's dlc, but it won't let me play the EV assault mission or Tinker's Lab Defense! I contacted steam support 3 days ago, but still no response. Please fix!!!
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