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  1. what does wanting to have DLC earlier have to do with elitists?
  2. because this uses unreal engine (so ive heard) you basically have to download half the game again with every update >.>
  3. i dont get why u say tower attack isnt a big factor, 700 dmg from 209 to 380....you say u have 5 turrets thats 3500 dmg x 3 a sec is a lose of 10.5k dps. though tbh its easier to use crossbows lol pierce.
  4. heres a picture illustration 209 attack 255 attack 295 attack 343 attack 380 attack note my guardian doesnt actually have any defense boost so it does not affect towers dmg at all.
  5. Tower attack doesn't scale as well past 200 anyway, and I doubt the small amount of extra damage with 300 would be that different from 200. The issue is the massive health, despite having 5 MM towers per side. really? lol youve never tried going higher have you?
  6. yeah i see what OP is saying, the only way this will work properly is if the mana goes into a confirmation screen and you have to manually receive the mana out of it. however this can be abused to increase your mana over the mana cap if you have 2 accounts or even with just a friend. e.g. your selling multiple items at 20mil. after 2 items your mana capped, people buy 4 more items... u just lost 4 items and 80mil mana with a manual collection you sell 6 items, have 120mil stored in manual collection and you leave it there for when u need it to get over the 50mil mana cap. some insigh
  7. was it flat tower base or ramp as in as you upgrade it? notes confuse me
  8. One more thing to the posters of such post on how expensive and/or you have to pay for DLC. Think about this, i'll use myself as example here. Take any game you buy retail/digital pc/ps3/xbox, a big tittle (exceptions are there like Skyrim) You payed what is it in dollars? for me its around 60-70. Most of them take what, 7-8hrs to complete very rare higher then 10hrs. DLC will come and you'll pay like 10 per DLC sometimes more. And 2 or 3 DLC's are released lets say in its life time. I played around (lets over react) 15-25Hrs in total (and this is fact for most games). So i p
  9. pure strategy is so much easier than any of the other modes lol, no elemental resist at all, just fill everything up with ensnares and electric auras and ur done, maybe 1 tangible tower at the end of each lane for warriors and ogres that wont exactly die from stepping 3 electric and ensnare auras.
  10. yeah this is a problem, they limited archers range and i think they should either do the same for mages, or make it further distance travelled the weaker it is.
  11. you have to realise microsoft dont let just let them put DLC up on xbox 360 straight away it can take months for microsoft to give the okay. Not only that but they dont let them put Free DLC either.
  12. hmm no one? will check back in 30mins cos thats when ill be hopping into bed...
  13. There's deep ocean fish that live in freezing water temperatures, and when they want to reproduce, they do it near geothermal vents of liquid at 400 degrees. How they heck do you cook those? You pull them out of the freezer, and show them a frypan and they'll just call you a dumbass. we could borrow livermores petawatt laser that uses up more energy than the entire US does. "Livermore's Petawatt laser operated for three years, until its last shot was fired on May 27, 1999. At full energy of about 680 joules, the shots delivered more than a quadrillion watts of power, exceeding the entire
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