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  1. Probably the best shards at the moment: Destruction, Mass Destruction, Vamperic Empowerment, Defense Rate
  2. Thank you for facilitating. They have addressed my issue, and it is now closed.
  3. On its own, PowerTransfer puts your dps into the negative.
  4. [[166314,users]], what do I need to do to get someone to respond to my ticket? I see you posting for other people's problems here on the forums How the hell am I supposed to know if my Market is bugged or not? Is Trendy expecting me to post items as a test and then pay to have them taken down? Why did I buy in-game currency to unlock the market boxes, only to have it glitch and delete my uploads? Very disappointed with the customer service. FYI Ticket #26980.
  5. Yeah. I did. No one has said a thing. Not even "We're investigating". Edit: and [[43706,users]] seems to have deleted his post so now it looks like I am talking to myself. fun.
  6. - Bump - Why is it so hard to get traction on this???? If Trendy isnt going to fix the problem at least compensate me for the damn inconvenience.
  7. Been several days and I have gotten no feedback from Trendy. The items have not returned. No one has even picked up / replied to my ticket. Shouldn't someone have at the very least indicated that they have received my issue and are investigating? I think I deserve an explanation. I'd like the items back. And I'd like to some confidence that it wont happen again.
  8. + Selling items when in Vault view
  9. I wont be happy until gaming accounts are like Sword Art Online, and you can transfer your profile from one game into another.
  10. I walked away from my PC. Game kicked me for being idle (deserved). Come back, jump back into the game. My market is now empty. Not Sold. Not a rollback where the items were back in my inventory. Just gone. I had the entire market full with items, except for 2 slots. I had 3 discontinued Hero Crit buffs up there. 
  11. Change to Ascension Talents: move Hero Health to the Utility column. With the changes to Crit, the Utility Column caps out extremely fast. Further growth in AP resets will not increase these talents as none of them are now a standard 140 talent. For most Heroes, Hero Health is located in the Offense Column... when it really isnt an offensive Talent. Moving Hero Health to Utility enables players to invest in survivability without penalizing offensive potential as a Hero. It also opens up a new talent to invest in when the other Utility Talents are quickly capped out.
  12. Two nights in a row advancing in Onlsaught. 3rd time my friend and I found ourselves on Forest Biome and no shards were awarded at the Victory Chest.
  13. Check out this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930088755 Pets are practically worthless due to the growth in stats over the past year of updates. Only their abilities currently matter. Dragolich is the best pet by far. Other pets "can" have interesting or unique abilities. The problem is that it is a chance to get the ability you want, and then costs Gold and Pet Reagents to re-roll those abilities. In many cases, the ability is limited to the type of elemental attack the pet has... which you cannot change. Re-rolling the elemental attack only changes the value of the attack, not the elemental type. I had previously posted a suggestion to changing pets: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/153536/suggestion-updates-to-pets
  14. My math was wrong. There are only 38 defenses in the game (didnt subtract gunwitch and barb) totaling with 114 shard slots 1500 shards? 8 inventory bags, 64 slots = 512 lets say you have 8 vaults, 64 slots = 512 that would be 1024 slots dedicated to shards. Dryad has 25 defense slots and 30 hero slots, totaling 55 slots total. To make up the difference you would need 9 dryad-like heroes to use as Shard Mules at best. (9 x 55 = 495) In gaming terms that would make you a Whale. Because if you didnt have 8 vault slots (real $ required), that would be another 10+ heroes acting as pure shard mules. Possible? yeah. Reasonable? NO. This is an extreme. The 1% of players that have nothing better to do than AP Reset for the 20th time. That is an indication that additional content is required for those players. It is not an indication that a new mechanic, announced to the entire player population, should only be reasonably achieved by the 1% of the playerbase willing to do the unreasonable.
  15. who says you HAVE to mindless grind low C modes? you choose to do this. Gild shards are not require to beat anything. Gild shard system is for those players with tons of hours input into the game/ players who been here for a long while. Many of those players have 5-20 copies of a single shard in their bank/bags/on heros. the system was created for them and future long term players. Sing that gospel brother. U dont NEED AP, hyper shards, gild shards, or even maxed c7 gear to play this game. I can beat any chaos tier with a good hero build and c5 gear. All that stuff is mainly there for peps who wanna push high floors. The new/casual player wont b reseting often if ever. What do they need urresetable shard for? You dont NEED this stuff you WANT this stuff, theres a difference. Thats whats wrong with society today. Everyone feels entitled and dont wanna work for anything anymore.Having something to work towards keeps the game from getting stale and achievements r more meaningful when u actually put some work into it. You basically just argued that most of these gameplay mechanics are pointless. I do not think gilded shards are meant for new/casual players. I do not think they should be instantly achieved. I do think the drop rate of the desired defense shards are so low that it would take either extreme luck or far too much time to acquire the necessary shards in order to gild. I particularly hate how hero shards drop more frequently than defense shards. 13 heroes with 5-6 slots each (67), x3 shards is 201 total shard slots. 54 defenses with 1 slot each, x3 shards is 162 total shard slots. During play, you use multiple defenses at a time, but only one hero. The system is skewed towards heroes when defenses do the heavy lifting. Designing a game mechanic around such drastically inconsistent variables is a poor design choice. + 10 shards + 2 million gold + 2 upgrade increases + extremely low drop rate for the shards that matter = practically useless game mechanic
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