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  1. Hey all, I recently returned to DD1 to check out the new user created maps that were added to Ranked over the last year and thought I'd do some lab runs to get some capital back in my forge. I don't want event items, but will accept diamonds, I can do up to 50 runs in one session, and we can discuss payment before/after. 10 lab runs : 1 cube/6coal Diamonds 5/10/15 Available: Weekdays 6:30pm - 10:00pm EST Weekends 3:00pm - 10:00pm EST respond in this thread or add/message me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sandboxx93/
  2. My favorite map is Volcanic Eruption only because its really the only map where i took the time to make my own build, and its one of the handful of maps i can run with my practically useless 2nd account.
  3. Edit cuz im an idiot that opens too many tabs and gets confused
  4. hehe glad i could be of assistance :)
  5. Nvidia Shield The GeForce Experience PC Master Race Dem Graphics idk lol XD
  6. Been outta the loop past couple of weeks, so what does the loot in Moonbase look like now? were the tweaks drastic? Either way, since i voted yes beforehand i definitely still will. Cant wait for Moonbase in ranked! grats to everyone who made it happen
  7. Welp... i'm stuck using an ugly green bone sword then... so sad :(
  8. I've seen Clavas with a green tip, but never a sparus or gladius, so yeah, is it possible to get a green Gladius/Sparus?
  9. i did about 45 runs with 4 toons just 2 days ago. I got 1 sup... but yeah ive also gotten 3 ults in a row, so its all RNG. Just keep running!
  10. Heres some of my high end toons ^^ p.s. dont judge my picture taking skills :( Shades so cool on male jester, hands down my favorite part about any of my characters (might get passed up by my countess, coming soon!) Weapons are just for cosmetic purposes on the barb, but they are identical and huge with normal sized handles :O, so perfect! The make capturing everything in one angle difficult tho.
  11. Like you suggested, ideally, we would be able to choose between a multitude of badges that would have been unlocked. but, if the badges were to correspond to rank and need to "level up" along with the # of posts, some things that come to mind are: the idea of getting a gradually larger crystal. For instance, it can grow from a small triangle to a fully formed dodecagon (12 sides) or however many ranks there are, and change colors as well, gradually getting brighter as you rank up. Just have to make sure they are different enough to be able to tell the ranks apart at first glance. Another idea is to follow the idea of the achievement trophies from the tavern. There are already, i think, 6 variations (not including size) and some of them already correspond to the higher ranks in the forums (Ultimate Defender and such). Also some of the newer ranks could go hand in hand with the trophy names (legendary defender, mythical defender, dungeon defender, dungeon crawler) last idea i can think of off the top of my head would be to make the minion portraits your badge. They are already in the forums under the emotes tab, so they would, i assume, be easy to implement, and provide more diversity in the ranks. I personally dont like this idea cuz they wouldn't really fit with the honorifics that the titles bring, but maybe someone else sees this as a plus idk. More possible titles, as listed above: Mythical Defender Dungeon Defender Dungeon Crawler Legendary Defender and Transcendent Defender Supreme Defender Ultimate Defender
  12. As someone still in the lower ranks, will there be new icons associated with these new ranks? if so, how will they fit in with the current system for lower ranks, that follows the same format of how towers are upgraded in-game (1-2-3 chevrons into 1-3 stars)? also maybe an idea to give out lots of titles and give people the option to choose which one they use. Something connected to in-game achievements maybe? possible titles to use for the lower ranks, in no specific order: Novice Defender Casual Defender Newcomer
  13. havent seen this until now, but wow! I'm always so impressed when i see individuals create content on a larger scale than the base game offers. Looks challenging and a lot of fun, can't wait to play it!
  14. not much high hopes for this diamond with all those 2300-2400 guesses eh? Ima guess 2709 good luck all! ^^
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