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  1. o and it would have to be on ps4... and if and when dd2 premium currency becomes actual currency i have uber amounts of gems on pc but not really interested in getting on pc until then. /bump
  2. take out archi and insert wetwipes.... lmao i win... lmfao.
  3. did you happen to add some of this to the wiki? ill buy you some pro weapons if you can get all this added to the wiki. this is awesome info and dude... im impressed!...smh... awesome info.
  4. thanks everyone... this post was a question if its voluntary, voluntary being the key word here most reply with the question in mind said yes but it was suffer-able i seem to feel the same. anyway thanks again...
  5. idk yet its a waiting game... so says every other thread talking about them now....its a risky sale and or investment but you can get them hella cheap currently so if you do buy you cant lose right now.... or could you... lol idk man.
  6. there is nothing to guess. im fully open to what ever it is you want to ASSERT, be assertive, i cant ask you or anyone for that matter to agree with me unless the listener knows what im talking about. the post you are talking about is a whale walking away (its away, hence the "troll" asserting the intentions) and it isnt for my representation but for trendies) "ive heard things.... ive.....heard thing.... and maybe its not a good investment.... maybe" on another note stop labeling people trolls! even after i investigated the development of the game and views of the ceo of the company. "a
  7. idk but i have a perfect storm and water servo for sale.
  8. glad you brought up my behaviors. let me ask, do you think taking on the role of a referee to obligate the roles of what people say is a role you can maintain in your career as a obvious seeker of truths? for example my saying im being a troll. you believed it! now, does not understanding my post warrant someone with a higher perspective, warrant your protection? consider this you cant tell a monkey about your day but your can act like a monkey, now imagine someone that couldn't explain there day to you but could act like you. go google whales and f2p. that should shed some light on my said
  9. yes trendy thanks a million! troll level 9000! lol
  10. this is not a post to advocate sedition. its a question! please voice your awareness of the question asked and leave the animosity behind. The point of this is to illustrate the inability to recognize these things mentioned. if its ethical to allow buyer remorse in a synthetic manufactured market.
  11. stop copying me.... lmao. im to the point where i actually think some of the problems can be identified by the player base and its turning into a college corse called "what you say 101". but with that said everything people are post in this thread are addressing my question so its very beneficial to me and im grateful for it.
  12. I'm sorry. I don't get it. can you explain a little more how you see what is and isn't gambling. i understand your point. but to really talk about this with you i think we are on the surface of risk and reward. understood risk and reward is not bad. the problem im trying to identify here has to deal with cognitive generalization of risk and reward. no where does it say put in 1$ for four spins on RNG in the game and alot of warning labels have a example of risk... dont stick your hand under a running lawn mower, this is flammable, this is poison. these are labels required for consumers in the
  13. your comparison, the European example applied to this in tandem. american regulations is to mitigate fraudulent behaviors and abuse. Simply, for that to work the infrastructure has to be paid for. if states can be made aware of these behaviors new age quantum economics will become some of the most highly regulated legislation in history. the newest laws in america are from the 90's. illustrating the cash cow IT development IS. i wonder if it wouldn't be prudently agile for some models to change in the spirit of the American Disney experience. lol.
  14. Agile software development describes an approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer(s)/end user(s).[1] It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.[2] The term agile (sometimes written Agile)[3] was popularized, in this context, by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.[4] The values and principles espoused in this manifesto were derived from an
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