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  1. Yeah, I always thought Epics would be directly better than Powerfuls and so on, and so forth... At least I know it was bad luck and not just a fault in the system! I actually have a Shinobi Cat too, Legendary and everything with great stats but with not so good Tower stats for my Monk... I'll keep rerolling! Thank you for your answers! ^^
  2. The thing is that is the only pet that I have to have such low damage output. I actually had hatched another before and it had 8 damage and an Attack Rate of 2.0 again. I don't know if it's just bad luck or what... I'd use a premium pet for its looks and its stats. I never asked for fancy stats, I just want usable stats...
  3. So, I've decided to hatch a Katkarrot egg (you know, 'cuz they're cool). 8 hours have passed and crack! The egg hatched! ^_^ Well, I've checked his (its? It's a boy from now on) stats and he deals 16 damage per bolt and attacks once per 2 seconds... At first, I was amazed by the amount of bolts! I don't know how many of them are, but they're a few... ~ Hum, my problem is, his stats suck. He has 4 Power and 7 Affection, I don't know which one increases his DPS. He is an Epic too, so I was amazed by his lack of firepower. Is he supposed to have such crappy stats as an Hatchling? I had a Magic
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