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  1. My thoughts exactly. Was the Huntress far stronger than everyone else? No doubt. Was it necessary to nerf HER instead of bringing the rest of the classes to her level? Nope, not at all. Granted I only play Apprentice and Huntress, I have heard the exact same talking points in regards to the Monk and Squire. These recent changes to Apprentice were super nice, especially Mana Bomb becoming almost an instant cast. But I have to wonder why it's so garbage even after the buff: Its damage doesn't seem to scale that well, especially when you compare it to Arcane Surge that's on a much lower CD, ha
  2. Yeah, I always thought Epics would be directly better than Powerfuls and so on, and so forth... At least I know it was bad luck and not just a fault in the system! I actually have a Shinobi Cat too, Legendary and everything with great stats but with not so good Tower stats for my Monk... I'll keep rerolling! Thank you for your answers! ^^
  3. The thing is that is the only pet that I have to have such low damage output. I actually had hatched another before and it had 8 damage and an Attack Rate of 2.0 again. I don't know if it's just bad luck or what... I'd use a premium pet for its looks and its stats. I never asked for fancy stats, I just want usable stats...
  4. So, I've decided to hatch a Katkarrot egg (you know, 'cuz they're cool). 8 hours have passed and crack! The egg hatched! ^_^ Well, I've checked his (its? It's a boy from now on) stats and he deals 16 damage per bolt and attacks once per 2 seconds... At first, I was amazed by the amount of bolts! I don't know how many of them are, but they're a few... ~ Hum, my problem is, his stats suck. He has 4 Power and 7 Affection, I don't know which one increases his DPS. He is an Epic too, so I was amazed by his lack of firepower. Is he supposed to have such crappy stats as an Hatchling? I had a Magic
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