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  1. Right nowthere are some towers where you can’t test them in tavern, those are pure antiair towers and traps, the reason for this is that anti air towers need a flyingobject to hit and traps need an object that moves to be able to trigger. The dummy’swe got right now are stationary and are great for hero damage tests and towersthat hit ground targets. I would suggest two new forms of dummy’s one fortesting traps and one for testing anti air towers. For anti-air u suggest a newsort of dummy that looks like the dummy we have now but with a couple of gliderwings from the suicide flyers put on its back. And then placed on somethinglike this My suggestionfor a trap triggering dummy would be a dummy hanging from a construction or sealing that swing over a spot like a pendulum and thereby trigger trapsplaced under it.
  2. Can we seedragolich be placed as a reward for an achievement like completing 3 monthly missions? Myreasoning for placing it as a reward is that as it is it´s by far the best petin the game placing and that place new players in an inherently worth positionthan old players, with the pet being a reward for a onetime quest new players cannot no matter how much theyfarm being able to compete with longer playing players, that should not be thecase you should always be able to by luck or skill putting yourself in the sameposition power wise as long time playing players, by placing the dragolich as adifficult to achieve reward new players can see how they get it and work towardcompleting the achievement.
  3. I find it very strange that you decide to implement the scavenger before having developed the tools that actually would make him in anyway useful instead of a huge downgrade from what we had and an in continents, like not being able to sell items directly from the scavenger and not being able to interact with you own inventory while having the scavenger open(not able to open pet food) i would suggest that you let the scavenger sell stuff again but let him keep 20% as his commission and the player collect the money the next time they log on and interact with him. And plzzzzz give us a send all loot to the scavenger button.
  4. What were you thoughts behind those rule changes to the scavenger/TIB, they seems to go in the complete opposite way of what where the reason to introducing the TIB in the first place, also why can’t you sell items directly from the scavenger but need to get all the stuff over in your bag from the scavenger before you can sell it.
  5. I had acouple of games today where we were discussing the latest dev stream, and people were quite upset about these announced rule changes to the temporary item bag, they seems to go against the whole purpose of the TIB, of not havingto use a lot of time on loot in game but could take you time after to sought true all you newly acquired items. With these changes people are going to haveto use minutes after each wave to look true the stuff that dropped and collectthere items of interest, which will include 5 million food bags, that after a couple of hours of play will fill you entire bag all these announces will only be enlarged by not having any sorting mechanics for our bags yet and no “all loot to TIB” button. I believe these changed will for most of the player base be felt as a setback compared to the system in use right now.
  6. Can we expectthe new passives to be made to only appear on one type of equipment so they getmore in line with the old tower passives like tripwire or the monks lightningaura passive on gloves.
  7. Imagine sitting in Asia then and every evening between 21.00 and 22.00 it is down for maintenance :) True not the best time either, btw it would also be an improvement if they would give the time in a 24h way instead of using am and pm its hugely confusing if you never use those terms.
  8. What will be fixed or introduced with today’s patch?, we haven’t gotten any informationon it. And can we expect take downs every day now, for us in Europe it’s not the best time 15:00 cest.
  9. Or make thefood satisfy a larger hunger (increase xp gain)
  10. 1-Armageddon 2-Pralay 3-Apocalypse 4-Ragnarok
  11. From the descriptionon steam (Along the way we will be addingnew features that may require limited resets. Our goal is to minimize these asmuch as possible) in my understanding then this mean that there will becomeresets but they will try to reduce those to the least possible amount. So thatwould be the partial wipe, the full wipe in my opinion brake what they promisedthose who brought dd2 on steam, they seems to deliver a wipe where they aren’t minimizingthe impact of the wipe, actually the opacity because there is a war going on onthis forum, between two factions, and at least one part of those factions gotsome very strong opinions as seen on the average amount of influence pointplayers from the partial wipe faction has used.
  12. Isn't that an account overly negative and nasty thing to do to the devs - its early access, we all knew the risks. I'd like the tokens to be kept, they represent months of work, but I'd never react in a way that could affect future players from playing / longevity of the game... If the feelhe got from the game has changed because of how the dev handle the community,and those who have invested time in the game, then it’s not wrong to changeones rating from positive to negative, i won’t do that, but i can understandwhy people can become very negative, over decisions that the dev do. It isafter all a tendency they have shown of giving the community a bit too muchpower though those vote instead of acting as the bosses they are and make the decisionthat in the long run would benefit there game the most. I would prefera partial vote because I don’t see a reason other than slap people in the facefor deleting more than what is absolutely necessary and it will also go againstwhat they have say earlier with only wipe when it is absolutely necessary. Ifsome part of what is being wiped is up for voting then that part is definitelynot necessary to wipe.
  13. I liked that feature, it was not something that I thought a lot about but it was part of what made the reward of completing more difficult mapmodes more rewarding. But compared to just map specific rewards, then those will be a lot more important than different rewards depending on difficulty.
  14. They were immune to knockups but they did say they still got drenched so I guess the stun from the combo still applies, so it’s going to be the auras that need to kill them. But I agree that part did also get my attention.
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