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  1. Lol. Guess I'll just stop posting. The people on these forums sometimes.... Lol indeed. He asked for advice yet he can't take one. That's ungrateful and ignorant. He probably deserve to stay in that iPWR range with such approach to things. Can't help those who don't help themselves right? Oh well. Can always try at least. Usually how it works anyways. Loose the tude dude not everyone has to agree with you. Your making nasty remarks without attempting to create constructive coversation.
  2. We need a full retard button. As skill or a beer and which for an emergency short. Of time towers can be turned to ludicrous speed. Then make it possible for baseline stats and metrics to be modified through either additional expenditures and boosting
  3. I mean, it's a hero-based tower defense game. That's kinda the point. If you expect to be able to completely afk while your towers do all the work, I think you found the wrong game... did you even play dd1, that was exactly what you're describing as "not this game" like, wtf. sometimes i feel like people have no clue what they're talking about. this game should be everything BUT tanking mobs with 3 squires and hack and slashing with weak ass turrets. i mean this is a sequal, im not surprised people expect the same kind of experience instead of going from completely AFK with tower builds to unable to afk and tank n spank/hack n slash that may be how it turned out, but that was certainly not how it was intended and advertised, from the steam store page from DD1 (http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/) under 2nd listed key features: "and participate directly in action-packed battle". Standing AFK and only repairing and upgrading now and there most certainly is not what i would call participating directly in action-packed battle Might not be with you think but for a large member of the community and people who played this general and type of game it is.
  4. Yesterday I played with 3 level 50 who's concept of proper defense building was building sufficient defenses to stall the enemies while they DPS them to death. How is that even a remotely appropriate tower defense game.
  5. 6 months ago they said they would try not to wipe. I give it 6 months.
  6. If you give us back defense speed we will ignore the fact that shellium isn't coded yet and nor are the pet upgrades.
  7. Check the code if you want your answers.
  8. Its all going to be ok now. Trendy has released the pay dynamic for the game. No more bugs have to be fixed. No additional updates will be required. Everyone go buy things and help support Trendy! Prove your dedication to the game!
  9. Trendy has to have time to code the shards, and code the next level of pet evolution and test them before shellium shards can be allowed to exist. Give them a week or so.
  10. Just be patient it doesn't do them any good to add them until they've also completed the code for the next tier pet. I figure probably a week before they're able to complete this.
  11. Ogres have bad pathing take advantage of this. The get stuck if they have to circle too much
  12. So with the global campaign there would be a certain number of Defense points that must be achieved in order to progress the campaign along a war line. Players would play through the global campaign and when the campaign concluded would receive a reward based on their participation certain reward to beat dictated before the beginning of the campaign based on different participation levels. Player progression would be tracked individually. This would be an effective methodology to encourage the replay of the maps while also encouraging players to play as a team.
  13. Firstly, copy-pasting things is poor development practice and will lead to code that is difficult to maintain. Secondly, the new daily quest system is obviously very different from the old one, so it's unlikely the old code would apply as is. Thirdly, there's this post from TrendyBrad, which for some reason doesn't show up in the dev tracker. Show me the programmer that hand writes line by line all of the code and starts over fresh each time he needs to write an update and I'll show you a programmer that does not have a job.
  14. :) We know you love not having to micromanage your stuff. We all do :) Encourage the return of DS your towers will love you and so will your right mouse button.
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