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  1. 1. What were the biggest strengths of Dungeon Defenders' Ranged Combat system? I would say that the ability to defend from behind your defenses is one key advantage to ranged combat. 2. What were the biggest weaknesses? Not being able to aim high enough into the sky to attack air enemies. Being ultimately weaker end-game compared to melee classes. 3. What would you improve about the system for Dungeon Defenders II? Higher level of vertical control. A way to either keep up in DPS, or still provide a meaningful attribution to combat compared to melee enemies aside from air ene
  2. The best way to avoid most of his damage is simply jump. That's it. That's the big secret. He has pretty obvious visual cues as to what he's doing, there's only one attack I can think of that you can't dodge with jumping, but that one can be dodged by getting out of the way.
  3. It's best to lead the harpoon, he doesn't really wait for you to shoot like Summit's version.
  4. Press escape and click "Hide Match", no one can join now.
  5. Send an e-mail to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] I believe with all the information/screenshots you have. They will tell you what can be done if anything.
  6. Send an e-mail to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email]. Provide screenshots of the item, if you have them, as well as a link to your steam profile. If they need anything else from you, they should say.
  7. Currently, and probably forever, buff beams have a parent/child relationship with the towers they are buffing. This was implemented to probably add risk for buffing over a large/r area.
  8. I'm not getting the expectation that a class should be able to do everything. What she can do, she does well. If she can't handle air units alone, try mixing in Squire or Apprentice defenses. Every class has their negatives/positives, that's why you should feel encouraged to reduce the negatives by using two, or more, classes at the same time in your builds. Using a flawed build and complaining that it is flawed, is in itself a flawed argument. A fully optimized build has virtually zero negatives, it is in the builder's best interest to revise his build until it is 'perfect'.
  9. I can definitely seem them bouncing, what were the specific conditions you were under to cause this to happen?
  10. Just a few issues I have encountered while playing the new class today: 2# Buff beams will not buff proton and shock beams when passing through the beam, they have to pass through the node. 3# Shock beam reset time does nothing. My default shock beam with a reset time of 0.92 takes the same amount of time to reset as when it's boosted to 0.31 with a huntress guardian. This reset time actually takes well over 1 second. 2: The particular towers you refer to have no collision under any circumstances, this could be the issue. 3: It does do something. The beam has to shock actively, then i
  11. She gets the passive stats from both weapons, but you must switch to use its attack/alternate attack.
  12. Tower Range has been replaced by a new stat on the EV called Shock Beam Stun. The higher it is, the longer your shock beam stuns for.
  13. 3013 Tower health stats - Walls at max level (In tavern) 2 DU - 85266 health 3 DU - 127900 health 4 DU - 170533 health 5 DU - 213167 health
  14. I'm currently at 2237 hours, 80% of that is actual play time. I've played since PC Release and it's been fun since day one for me.
  15. This is absolutely false, check the patch notes. Hardcore increases experience and quality of loot in addition to preventing respawning during a wave. Did you mean something more specific? I meant it changes nothing in terms of difficulty. The only difficulty added is not being able to die. Sorry for the confusion, but it really only adds the fact you won't respawn, plus enhancing experience gain and loot to an extent.
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