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  1. That's a pretty good idea I suppose I can try that thank you.
  2. I Would like to suggest, Making consumables separate from pet supplies I find it annoying having my material bags getting filled with pet stuff that I have to manually go through and open or sell I think it would be a good idea to make these a separate category.
  3. I like this idea and would love to see it implemented I normally have so many relics to look through for good mods its hard to find the time to do so since my friends have to wait on me to press g in build phase I think this is a smart move.
  4. I can agree, but I just want them removed from games where your playing solo like I just lost 3 onslaught maps in a row, having to rebuild them twice to win each, because of a controlled burn goblin boss spawning and assassin's killing me as he approached the core kinda ruins the experience and makes this game annoying to play, more then fun its not that I mind challenge but rebuilding a map 2x in a row because you lost in a terrible way just isn't fun or challenging, just stupid.
  5. I can deal with them but they prevent me from having fun using anything but the dryad or ev2 and they just leave me with a sour taste in the mouth lost to many games to these guys in single player esp on onslaught.
  6. Hello, I know this may take away the point in having them if your playing single player, but I've lost a lot of games on the 5/5 wave because of assassin's jumping me, when i'm trying to kill a goblin Mini boss with controlled burn I can't deal with 5 assassin's jumping me at once especially when i'm the only target trying to save my core from losing with 5 enemies left, I just get insta killed it makes single player super unfun and most of the time that's how I prefer to play I'd just like to put in a suggestion to make a change about this there super annoying and not fun to play against at all especially in single player in multiplayer there not a super big deal.
  7. Tbh i hate the Afk kick timer me and my friends spend alot of time afk because we have other things to do i understand the need for it but a vote system could work if its a majority vote then the person is kicked example 3 say kick then he is kicked this works but i do play afk alot and it's a pain to have to come back to the game every so often and move the mouse i had this issue with dde as well i hope your considering both sides of this
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