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  1. on summit there are 2 invisible walls between the section in the north part of map
  2. Hey I bought the Game on backkerkit/ through chromatics webpage and I bought the 40€ version. while buying i didnt have to create a Backer account how do i get my rewards?
  3. how will i know once i can recieve my reward?
  4. i had posted my picture, how do i get the reward?
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084156527/ Just got the Pet for the event item :)
  6. just gear and gem wipe pls:P
  7. I have been having Trouble with nm3 if some1 can help send me a game inv or a friend req my Name is Jockel :D ,would love ur guys help:)
  8. Hey guys i have some frosty passives on my items but the % increase is only 0.07% is there a reasen why?
  9. yes this Weekend they said it on the dev stream
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