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  1. I have one concern on the Uber Specs on whether or not you should be able to switch them out anytime during a dungeon. My concerns is that a player that has earned both Uber Specs, after the update, will have the tower spec up for building phase and switching to the class ability spec after building the towers to start the defense phase without any penalties of switching out the specs. I would like to suggest that probably have the Uber Specs for a tower to have a small additional effect. -Examples: --The Huntress's Explosive Trap lays down 1 additional explosive objects --The Apprentice's Flamethrower tower can now burn targets, dealing X% amount of damage depending on the tower's damage for 4 seconds. Having them not equipped will not give them these abilities. In my head this seems alright, but I believe some people will not agree. I would really like to be able to have both flame burst tower and flamethrower tower in the same map, at the same time not having an ability Uber Spec active at all times during the combat phase. I hope the devs will consider these suggestions, or completely change them (that's fine), so that I won't have that mentality of always having an ability Uber Spec more than half the time.
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