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  1. That's what your inventory system is: buggy, broken, and difficult to use. For the love of all that is holy please make it better soon. As we all know most of this game revolves around gear and such a core feature with that in mind is the inventory and its management. This current set up is atrocious. Also, a side note: please make leveling fun from 1-50. This repeating maps over and over and over again to grind to 50 is absolutely no fun (I am ok with, and look forward to, the end-game gear grind however).
  2. Leaderboards tend to get dominated by exploiters/cheaters/etc. For the average player they aren't really all that interesting and really only promote elitism. Level design holds a special place in my heart with all the hours I spent making atrocities in Hammer (Half-life 1 editor), the Unreal Editor, and other things. Of course your contests could be anything: levels, monsters, skill effects, weapons, skins, 3d assests, etc. It would be interesting to see how we could incorporate gold wagering, something akin to betting Skins in Counterstrike:GO, but less lucrative, more light-hearted, and without the need for a competitive scene. Trading is always an interesting topic for any gear-based game. D2JSP was wildly popular with their 'forum gold' as an imaginary currency that holds value. Not only that people visited the site regularly to either try to sell their goods or buy other peoples. Maybe our very own DD2 forum gold could be implemented? Side note: I was part of a tremendous game community several years back, and while the forums are dead now, a lot of people on my friendslist are from those few years of gaming. The forums were one of my homepages, I checked everyday, because of the time invested with the people I played with. Games like League of Legends and the Call of Duties of the world tend to remove the community element (Consoles in particular) by creating instanced matches between strangers that you'll likely never see again. Sound familiar? This game does the same thing yet we some tools to help us. Still, it is up to us as players to add that player you enjoyed playing with, forge the bonds of a community. That sense of connectivity starts and ends with the people playing the game. So I suppose this story was to say that a community is built from the inside out and no amount of incentive is going to make people come to the site, let alone participate. Make a great game first then the rest will follow...
  3. Huntress - Uber Opportunistic Hunter - Your poison dart launcher now has stealth. It becomes visible for 2 seconds after shooting, then goes invisible again. Why? - I feel like the optimal spots for this launcher puts it in the most vulnerable places. Using this will allow it to get lots of DoTs off with a smaller risk of dying.
  4. I quick fix would be just to have Betsy curse an entire lane but your defenses take less damage as well, to prevent overwhelming/loss of mana. This will promote teamwork and interaction during the wave phase.
  5. I love how she affects the map during the waves. I'd love to see more of that interaction with future bosses. The cursing however I feel can be rough on first time builders and I think the mentality behind that is detrimental on this type of game as a whole. This is negative reinforcement, simply for not knowing, is not particularly effective for players, new and old.
  6. Some of my own: Time Bomb - Converts explosive traps to sticky bombs, when an enemy triggers it they get a bomb on their head. When they die it explodes. Inspired by a little Zilean (league of legends) and Tick bomb (from the game Deathtrap). Unnamed - The ballista now deals 50% less damage to ground targets and 50% more damage to airborne targets. Promotes synergy between classes. Salvager - When a tower is destroyed it drops a % of mana it cost based on its level. Something like 15/30/45/60/75 might be good. (How many upgrades are there I don't max them out often...4 for a total of 5 levels?) Undertow - The geyser trap now implodes, sucking in nearby monsters. Unnamed - Tornado now marks all targets hit. A little perk for the arcane volley players. [[37048,users]] the Banana Master quote: =Large – Squire’s Towers – Fallen Brothers – When any tower/blockade is destroyed, adjacent Squire Cannons and Ballista gain a Defense/Speed Defense Boost for an X second period. When a text comes up that someone’s defense are destroyed, mostly players freak out and believe it is total GG. To give the players time to get to the damaged defenses and repair them, this spec would give them time. =Uber – Arcane Barriers – Moral Conversion - When an Arcane Barrier is destroyed, the last hitting enemy gets converted to fight for the Heroes for a period of time. To make arcane barriers more of an offensive tower, it can be used to provide support for the Heroes. Although the converted enemies do not draw attention from other enemies, so the enemy lane is not necessarily delayed. =Uber – Flameburst Towers – Nova Bombers - Flameburst Towers now have slower attack rate and larger attack radius, when the tower attacks, it launches a fireball into the air landing onto enemies causing a large blast radius. This is Michael Bay material right here, seeing that huge explosion is satisfying to see! Pretty much, just a spec to include into the game… more explosions! =Uber – Flameburst Towers – Napalm Blaster - Flameburst Towers have slight lower attack rate and damage, when an enemy is attacked, the enemy is ignited and leaves behind a trail of fire damaging other enemies who are on the trail. This can turn an enemy into a walking Ghost Rider, this is more effective if this is applied to the more front enemies, plus this is going to burn down many buildings. ==========Huntress Specs =Uber – Geyser Traps – Oil Geysers – Geyser Traps have a lower health defense base and attack rate and now apply oiled status on enemies. So last time, I used an Electric Bow and combined it with really good geysers, I had fun using this set up, until I got a Fire Bow. I had trouble using it’s element on situations; I can use the oil skill, but it was costly and too long to use. So why not make a clean environmental geyser into a polluted piece of junk to let huntresses focus on cooking their targets. =Large – Explosive Traps – Unstabilized Mines – Explosive Traps deal more damage up to a maximum of X% based on remaining charges. Explosive Traps run out of charges pretty fast, so why not use it as an advantage? This would let the players think a second time rather than just plainly refill charges! =Uber – Poison Dart Towers – Spread The Infection – When a poisoned enemy dies, the corpse emits a poison cloud, resuming the stacked poison onto other enemies. After all of the Poison Dart Towers have pumped in so much poison stacks into one mob and dies, the other enemies have already passed them! All of those stacks just for one enemy, so it would be better to resume to poison stacks and spread it to other enemies to cause chaos. =Large – The Huntress – Cupid’s Kiss – Every huntress shot has an X% chance to convert the attacked mob to fight for the huntress for x seconds. This would be a nice twist added to the huntress, the enemies can now be charmed by her and will fight alongside of her! I like all these ones.
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