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  1. One thing they can add too is the way the timer went down in DD1 when someone press G, when you in a survival map and someone press G the timer goes down 30 sec each time a diferent player hit G, so you dont have to wait 2 min if you have an afk people. I support your option of remove the drop or make the drop goes directly to your inventory (filter by type if you dont want for example drop less than legendary)
  2. This was the bonus map https://dungeondefenders.fandom.com/wiki/Glitterhelm_Caverns that I was talking about. I will check what you said about the towers then. =)
  3. I think that they have to introduce the downgrade of the tower when you swap the character. But its ok to level up like this, you only need one character in DD1 to level up all of your other characters, I used to have a girl knight with great towers and play the bonus map again and again and again until I leveled up all my other heros on a private match where I only let enter my friends, so is the same if you level up one characters or all of them at the same time, that was when the max level was 65 before all DLCs, before nightmare...
  4. About the beta, Anyone lost all the character after finish a map?
  5. You response yourself, they wait until the sale is over, then rise the price of the preorder, then we enter to the game, they get the good word of mouth about the game, the guys that wait until see if the game is good buy it with the new price =D (that if we think as a bussiness person xD).
  6. They have reduced preorder price for one more week, so I think the news about the release or the release itself will be when that sale is over....
  7. Yes they had that in DD1 it was very usefull so you didn't have to go and check the towers only see the minimap.
  8. The game need more diversity in armors and weapons (hero stats, more towers stats in the same items), more games types (survival, nightmare), more rewards for this new types of games, right now you only need search speed and tower damage to do every map, dps heroes sucks and when you have the new 4 items of the patch just go to play another game and wait next patch. The game is too easy, if you played DD 1 in 3 days without be a hardcore you can level 1 hero to 25, join incursion get some item build the maps yourself level up the other 3 heroes by yourself in another week. There is no point in the game to add survival mode if you can't get a lot of better things, in DD1 you could get a awesome pet if you could reach high level on survival or a cool weapon.
  9. In free play 25++ betsy gone too, and the quest of yesterday dont give the tokens to a friends..., in Incursion 25+++ is there and the quest give me the tokens.
  10. yes but in later patch they gonna take away and replace with another passive too
  11. They can do a system like LOL, low price skins ($5 to $10), mid price skins ($10 to $20), high price skins ($20 to $50) and everyone can access to one skins depends on how much you want to spend.
  12. Hi everyone I'm new here, i bought the game 8 days ago. I played DD1 almost 700 hours i can beat NH of all maps and Survivals mode so I'm no new at all in DD. Well I solo played 21 hours of DD2, and already have my squire in lvl 25 and other two in 22, 21. Yesterday I played 5 incursion hard with other people in just 1 and a half hour and I got around 30 Lendendary items, only keep 3 of them, i think the drop is a little to high, I felt as if gathering mythical items from lvl 20+ hard mode, people can equip in no time and build the map alone to get better legendary items, part of the fun in the game is farm 1 or 2 entery day to get that item you want and not just 2 hours.
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