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  1. Here's the issue: All that has been done in the name of changing up your build has ironically only encouraged using the same, most efficient builds, repeatedly. It has gotten even more obvious will the release of onslaught and ancient power. You know how a lot of people are handling all these crazy mutators, mob combinations, and resetting of shard levels? Using the most versatile defenses and only them --- a.k.a bees and ramsters. So yeah we are not spamming flame auras whoopdeedo. We're spamming something else. Can you honestly tell me anything has changed? The only difference between now an
  2. That's not what I want at all. What I said above was that hard counters force you into certain playstyles. The maps tell you how to play before you even start. It takes out the creative side of building. I definitely am not saying that I want to build the same map every time though. For instance, geodes. Make their bubble have a health pool. Once it breaks, it takes a few seconds to come back again. Enabling towers a chance to kill it. Or cyborks EMP. Have the EMP hit with diminishing returns, or disable the trap/auras but have their stats ramp back up to normal. This would still leave counte
  3. I check back every now and then to see if there have been any meaningful changes to the game. However, please don't take my criticisms as being "salty." DD1 was and still is one of my all time top favorite games. DD2 was as well, years ago. I am simply hoping for them to breathe some life and passion back into their game. It really does have a ton of potential.
  4. It seems like every time I check the status of the game it is only new cosmetic items, ascension crap, and hard counter mobs. All these things are poor cop outs for actual, playable, content. Cosmetics are a great way for a company to make some money to fund pushing content but it seems like it is the only thing Trendy is capable of doing these days. Ascension is not an acceptable replacement for end game content. You go from playing the campaign (which is pretty fun) to playing the campaign over... and over... and over... there are no real challenging bosses and certainly no exclusive high po
  5. I think I said something along these lines in a previous post. Saying that loot would have to be revamped and this awful shard system would have to be undone. So gear would go back to being more important and whole. Rather than getting a piece of gear then needing to farm out the shards to actually complete the set. Idk, kind of a bad, extremely boring system.
  6. No, it wouldn't. The economy would balance itself out. The rarer the item, the more it'll cost. It won't be faster. You'll either have to farm for the item for weeks or farm for 20M gold for weeks to trade for the item. No difference. Whoa, then what's the point of Trading, if it's gonna take the same time to get that Item? Use your head man -- go play some DD1. Buying an item would generally by much slower than just farming it out yourself. Especially if it is an end-game content piece with near perfect stats. But when you have to get an entire set like that, buying one piece could help yo
  7. I wouldn´t say trading was a big part of DD1. From my perspective there was no trading at all since I strictly played with my GF at the time. I never saw any trading and more importantly, never wanted any trading. This is just my personal oppinion of course, but trading myself to an Ult++ and aquiring such a rare item in mere minutes, contradicts the whole idea of hunting for the perfect piece of gear and gradually clearing more waves on higher difficulty maps. I could care less for an item I didn´t feel I had earned for myself. That said, if trading is to be introduced to this game we define
  8. I see you just want to troll, which was kinda clear from the start tho =). Gobu But to answer you, because i care for the game, not nessessary for trading. Simple trading would hurt the game way more in the current state then it would do good, like alot, nearly all except a few people say and agree. And it's one reason Trendy takes it time with it and so it should be (if it ever comes). Gobu The legion will trade alot of gold for foods, gobu. Yes in it's current state trading would be pretty useless. Since there is no point to obtaining gear in the first place currently. There is no end-bo
  9. Nothing you listed above would be an issue if TE would follow DD1's gearing formula. Gear that is very good is pretty rare. However, maps were very fun. DD2's modes of playing are very stale and monotonous. You only ever need to run incursions once. Other than that you farm chaos on the same 3 maps over and over to no end goal. To play with friends in it's current state you would have to start completely over and play for weeks upon weeks just to get back to where you started. That is a horrible multiplayer system if you ask me. Don't get me wrong. Starter characters should in no way be able
  10. Short version -- Chaos needs to be revamped.Playing the same 3 maps over and over is ridiculous.There is no point to play incursions.These absolute hard counters make playing stale and extremely boring to grind for. It also takes out any creativity for building and defeating a map.Rather than make hard counters that FORCE you into using certain defenses. Make chaos tiers that make building with certain towers more difficult. In my opinion, specific tiers of difficulty that have specific mobs is kind of stale. I really liked the system from DD1. Each new Nightmare tier added an additional chal
  11. The problem is not people selling gear for currency, the problem is destroying the progression, a person entering the game able to be max gear without even playing, don't you think that would destroy the game? Especially when there is no content after C7, or any reason to grind? So in order for you to play a few games with your friend in max gear, you prefer destroying the game for everyone? How about put your gear aside, and start with your friend on their level? ME and a friend playing private matches will in no way impede your gaming experience. You wouldn't even know it happened. B
  12. Honestly who cares if a friend gives someone good gear? In the current stages of the game you really can't play with friends unless yous tarted the game together. I am nearing end-game and (pushing c6) and if a new friend joined me I would have to power level him to 50 and even once they hit 50 they would just be dead weight. Making things scale higher. Being able to trade gear would allow you to actually play with friends. Rather than your friends just sitting in a corner until the map is over.
  13. I know you guys (Trendy) have stressed that you are worried about trading becoming an issue like in DD1 where people would sell items for real monies. But trading was a MASSIVE part of DD1's end game content. Because, even if you farmed the same map over and over and over, never getting that one piece of whatever that you wanted. You were at least farming up currency and other gear to potentially trade up with someone that had the item you were looking for. I loved hosting Tavern shops and laying my phat loot on the floor for people to ogle at. You could make some sweet Gold (or mana back in
  14. Yes, that is very true. However, DD1 launched in late 2010. You guys should have learned a GREAT deal of what people liked playing and what made them keep coming back. DD2 has absolutely zero resemblance of any long term end-game content or exciting rare loot.
  15. Yes Trendy please eliminate these "fake challenges" as someone so accurately put it. It adds nothing but annoyance to the game. Some of my favorite towers are useless because of a BS mechanic of the game. There is ZERO creativity in building anymore. You simply just do what the map is demanding.
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