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  1. I have the bindings i need allready set- they work when clicked manually. It's the AutoHotKey script that sends the wrong type of keystroke I'm thinking. Was hoping someone might have an idea how to make it work here- but i may move this question to their own official forums. Ty for the help =)
  2. I just don't understand why AutoHotKey is not sending a normal G command the way a keystroke on my keyboard would. If i press G on my keyboad - all 4 chars activate. If AutoHotKey presses G - only one char sends a G command.
  3. Hello; I'm trying to make AutoHotKey work with splitscreen mode and seem to have hit a roadblock. I have it set to press G multiple time- and it works for the main charachter- yet the 3 splitscreen addon chars do not recognize the AutoHotKey G. Anyone know how to fix this? ((This is just the start of what i'm tryina accomplish- would like to be able to AutoHotKey flashheals or other hero skills eventually.))
  4. Awesome- this worked. Problem is- AutoHotKey doesn't seem to recognize this keypress no matter what its set to.. it's bizzare. (For split screen.) - for instance i have Autohotkey pressing G- the main char actiavtes- the rest need me to hit G on my actual keyboard. Know a fix for this one? ;p
  5. Hello; I'm using virtual controllers i got from this sticky: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?87038-The-quot-Simple-and-Illustrated-quot-general-guide-for-newbies Sends you to: http://tinyurl.com/ddsplit From there- there is the UDKInput file. I'm trying to find in it how to rebind the activate crystal key on my extra charachters away from numpad9 and instead set it to Something like H. Looking at that long notepad and toyed around with changing everything that made sense (Numpadnine Settings) - and nothing seemst to be working. Anyone know how to make this work? Thank
  6. Found this: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?47985-Autohotkey-scripts-now-being-banned/page6 -- Now i just need to make a script that spams G xD lol
  7. Thanks GOKUPP- you wouldn't happen to have a link to any guides on setting something like that up would ya? Edit: Also- anyone have an official link to Trendy/VAC giving a thumbs up to Auto it?
  8. Is there any way to auto-start waves in survival if you want to AFK an easy map? I read something about hotkeys or auto keys - wasn't sure if its A. Against trendy rules or B. Against VAC rules.
  9. So- i read somewhere after wave 20 the loot gets better. Is there specifics on how this works? Does that mean wave 21 should have a higher chance of generating good loot than 20? Or all waves beyond 20 are the same?
  10. How many items can i put on the ground in the tavern before they start to vanish? ((Will they start to vanish?)) Is it a safe way to store items? Edit: Thanks for the replies ^^
  11. Nice man haha. I just got a perfect one.. well it wil be once i put 200 upgrades in it. First perfect after like farming 30-40 of em.. 600 hero health - 400 dmg - 600 casting - 600 skill (the 5 tower symbol.) - 600 tower health . 392 tower attack, 600 dmg 600 range. 215 upgrades. (Guna costa **** ton to upgrade that rate.. but it's perfect xD)) -- by far the best stoked. I'm putting it on the monk- think he benefits the most from full staters, while the dps like countess need just speed/range/dmg.. maybe summoner too could use it
  12. 5 minutes?! That needs to be a youtube video! lol... wow that is insanely fast man- GG. Right now i try to put down Auras first- then traps, minions- and finally EV. I use overloard mode as well- will try and tighten up my build but i was thinking like 10 mins not freaking 5 lol. GJ Edit: Btw- do you ever try a higher starting wave than 28? Also- what should i do with all these kobolds lol... i have like 16 semi decent ones.. i know i can sell them for mana but my buddy said mana is useless/ no one will trade good stuff for it. ;/
  13. Does that answer your question regarding east? That's the spot with all the djinns, that's also why the gas trap is there. Center usually does not see any upgrades since it's only a few birds that make it there :) Hey MIL- Got a question for ya. How do you make that build work in 30 minutes? ;p. I have run it 5-6 times now successfully - and the fastest time i have is 55 minutes. It takes me roughly 20 or so minutes to set everything up during the first wave- then its just upgrading & repairing mid-wave through the rest of the challenge. Any tips? SHould i be having a much faster
  14. Just finished wave 30 on misty nmhcmm.... got 4 giraffes on stupid walkers. What a slap in the face could have done like 10x tavern defense in the same time! :( - o well hopefully there's some good loot in my inventory i didn't really check much. Everything had like good stat then a bunch of negatives.
  15. It does, but to widely varying amounts. Anywhere up to morrago, it was almost non-existent, but it made a big splash in aquanos and all the maps after that make significant use of it to the point where enemy HP/Damage can be 2-3 times higher between 1 and 4 players on the latest maps Ah that's good to know. Right now i'm doing Misty w/ 4 player split screen.. if i tried that on a map that doubled health & dmg i'd be in trouble.
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