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  1. [[15566,users]] Trendy promised multiple times that this time with dd2 the console version will get everything the pc version has...which has been true since development finally cought up with pc version. I think they learned their lesson from their previous mistakes with dd1 on consoles
  2. Known issue, see this thread, which also contains a workaround for this until it gets fixed
  3. please submit this on the official bug reporting site :)
  4. No skill points for lvl 1-50, maybe what you look at is just your current level of your hero. As already mentioned above, after reaching max level your xp starts to count towards ascension levels, you can allocate a skill point for each of these under the "Ascension" tab. Ascension lvl is the same across all you heores btw.
  5. It's not like you lost your money...you just have to wait a few days before you can actually put the skins on. Pushing out patches on consoles takes several days because of certification, i guess it's not worth is releasing one only to stop purchases when this will be fixed soon with the next patch anyways.
  6. This is already a known bug that you can't equip those, Trendy are already working on a fix for this
  7. Press left stick to view all your heroes and use L2+d-pad to swap a hero into your deck. These should both be shown on screen though
  8. You have to wait until it's ready. Sorry but nobody can tell you a date, probably be prepared to wait some more months.
  9. Anyone played yet since last update and checked if it workes now? The patch notes of the Spring forward update do mention it: "Selecting “To Tavern” at the end of a private match will take you back to the Tavern rather than the Town."
  10. I agree they have to do something against the lag and framerate issues. Not sure if this is an internet problem though or if this are actually performance issues with the ps4 itself. As to the forced online connections, it has both advantages and disadvantages. I'm not a huge fan of it either, but well we won't change Trendys decision that, they would need to overthrow, like, everything backend of the game to change that. It's a shame this good and fun game is stopped by,well, technical problems. But i hope they can improve this until release, be sure to give it a second chance one day
  11. dd2 does not need ps+, not even for online multiplayer. It does however need a psn account for each player, so a guest account will not work. "this always on-line crap" is mainly to prevent cheating like it's possible in e.g. Diablo3 and also mentioned in the ps store description in case you do not like it. Also why is it the worst purchase you ever made?
  12. Just wait for the next patch ;) As a result of their defense speed and crit chance/damage scaling changes, most towers should start stronger on low ascension levels. They did make enemies a bit stronger because of that, but they also said they lowered the overall enemy level on c1 by 10% as they noticed the transition from campaign was too hard.
  13. I think you can no longer speedfarm Harbinger, they patched it so you don't get xp after your first completion. Just put the hero in your deck and win some matches i guess, the highest difficulty you can win. Only recently i also took a new hero to lvl 50. Wasn't paying attention, but he was lvl50 in less than 10 c1 matches for sure. Note that all four heroes in your deck get the same amount of xp, so you don't need to actively play with the new one at all while leveling.
  14. Oh, the release date...sure, it's still a long wait. But you have to agree that it would be really bad for the game making it free to play before leaving early access. Most of all the new players trying out dd2 would immediately stop playing again. Ok, the last update was a huge step in the right direction, but there are still whole game modes missing, many tweaks and minor improvements to be made and tons of bugs to be fixed before this game is ready for the public. And honestly, who wants to play a game which hasn't even trophies yet :P
  15. Same if you throw an oil flask with Huntress, you need to release and press R2 again after throwing that to restart shooting, i guess it's the same across all abilities where you have to aim the spot to place it firt. And you are right, it really is annoying as heck, they defenitely should fix/change this to how all the other abilities behave.
  16. Probably another 1-2 milestones until they end early access, so be prepared to wait some more months until it gets f2p. Buy now/wait: Depends on you, early access bundles are said to also offer a great value of gems and the last update really was a huge step forward to make the game more fun (did someone say inventory?), although there are still improvements to be made here and there, some things still missing like trophies and some players still having massive crash and/or lag issues apparently. Remaster won't happen, we all know it. It's one of the few things even unlikelier than cross platform play.
  17. Send Trendy a support ticket and hope they can fix it
  18. I think you can't redeem codes on ps4 currently. Try reach out to Trendy where you got your code and tell them you want to redeem it on ps4 not pc, they have to manually add the hero to your profile
  19. Shards drop (only) from the victory chest if you win a map. Or more specific, it drops a container, which you have to open in your inventory to get a shard out of it.
  20. I guess we'll have to find out that on our own, here is how much is known already: http://dd2tools.com/shards/
  21. You are actually the first endgame player i see here on the forums that complaines about the game being too hard. All the others always complained that nm4 was way too easy.
  22. Then please report this on bugs.dungeondefenders2.com so it hopefully gets fixed soon :)
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