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  1. This patch makes many more tooltips hang off the screen than before the fix. Please revert it
  2. Looking at the rest of these replies, I think everyone is misunderstanding my original post. I am only concerned about the knockup stat in onslaught. The elecrocute combo is not fun, overpowered, and needs to be changed. Maybe make it to where the enemies have diminishing stun time. 1st Stun -> full 2nd Stun -> 1/2 duration 3rd Stun -> immune
  3. By its nature though, that combo is only good if you go full into it. Im going to call bull. Both parts serve a purpose and you can use both parts in a build with no issues. You don't need to "full into it". So you are saying I can build either the geysers or the skyguards and I will be able to clear waves? Tell me how please
  4. Personally I do not use the electric auras in my geyser/ skyguard build. To me it is the most boring build ever. It needs to be changed away from perma-stun. I would even be happy if they tuned down the skyguard but didn't ship this immune to knockup modifier.
  5. By its nature though, that combo is only good if you go full into it. Use cannonball/fireball towers - Problem solved
  6. The new onslaught mode looks to have great potential, although the reward schedule looks too slow compared to hard incursions. I really enjoyed most of the modifiers that Trendy showed off as well. Troll blood looks very interesting as well as the CC reduction. These are also what I would call "tunable" modifiers in that the percentage of the modifier can be turned up or down as the waves progress. However, the immune to knockup is not a tunable modifier and will destroy complete builds that utilize skyguard/ geyser trap combo. If the immune to knockup makes it into the game, this combo will be completely worthless and a thing of the past.This is disappointing because combos are the best thing trendy has added in DD2 over DD1. What did you think of onslaught mode and the modifiers? Does this immune to knockup modifier need to be in game?
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