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  1. Defenders, The Gem Mine is available on Xbox, but you'll need to find it in the marketplace for the time being: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/dungeon-defenders-ii-etherian-gem-mine/c2vhw16fmxll#activetab=pivot:overviewtab This should be fixed in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience. -TimmyTrashTier
  2. Hey Zaldazon, This sounds like a serious issue. Do you think you could head over to: https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home And give us a little more information on how we can reproduce and debug the issue? -TimmyTrashTier
  3. Hey Defenders, We will be patching in a fix for the X1X start up issue tomorrow morning 9am. We greatly appreciate your patience with us while we resolved this matter. -Timmytrashtier
  4. Hey Rdeal, We're currently looking into this and apologize for the inconvenience, but in our testing this appears to be an issue unique to the X1X and we have had some difficulty in obtaining the proper hardware for testing, but we are actively working with Microsoft to rectify the situation. You confirmed that the previous patch worked on your X1X before this morning's update? -TimmyTrashTier
  5. Hey Zeros, Are you not seeing the blue highlights over people's names when they're speaking over voip?
  6. There's an option to disable VOIP entirely in the options menu, but which platform are you playing on?
  7. Hey Licktastic, This is on a full account (not a child account) with XBLG access? Do you have any permissions settings on your box or are they generally defaults? You can PM me if you'd prefer not to post info in the forum.
  8. Hey Dragoonman14, Just to confirm, both you and your brother are signed in to separate XBL accounts correct? And then he initiates split-screen with a controller paired to his account?
  9. The game is down right now while we sort through an issue with the new milestone. Please keep checking the website and twitter for updates.
  10. The size of PS4 downloads comes from a combination of engine restrictions, the scope of changes in a patch, and the patching difference tools that Sony provides (which are different from Steam's). For this specific download we included a lot of new content (heroes marketplace, tower skins, costumes) and also increased the quality of most textures in the game to improve the overall appearance.
  11. Hey Defenders, We are currently investigating this issue. I will post more information as I have it. -TimmyTrashTier
  12. Hey Defenders, We are working on a hotfix at the moment, expect something next week. In the mean time, try not to hit the "X" button on the souls of the night listing in your inventory because that will 'consume' them and they will disappear. More info to come as we have it. -TimmyTrashTier
  13. No such luck, still cleaning up a few issues on that build.
  14. Hey Defenders, Stealth update this morning. We had to update Machine ID's on our web service. This should not effect anything on your end so please let us know if you run into new connection issues after this morning's update. -TimmyTrashTier
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