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  1. I think my favorite item would definitely have to be the Crystal Core pet. More specifically, Plane's chonky ones that are in her tavern. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hiimcy
  2. My favorite memory of this game is honestly the late night laughs and stupidity that went on either in game or on the discord with friends at like 3 AM. Whether it was talking in the tavern, running poly, playing draw something, playing Connect 4 on Moraggo using minions, creating fun characters, or even racing across the map with spider minions -- it was just fantastic and one of the best moments I've had in this game. My laptop battery definitely took a toll, probably well deserved. For hours, I could have used that time to study for my college classes, but I wouldn't take that back for the world. Time well spent is never time wasted. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062947335
  3. yuh yeet https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/hiimcy/
  4. Auction Item Accepted Currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Cubes Coal 8:1 Events, would prefer ones I can use; refer to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WvvU13X6F7mtSrugcJvOUmar_oEi2eSQC_V-VWC1IYI/edit?usp=sharing as to how I price certain events (please take with a grain of salt). Auction Details Ends 8/31/19 IC by Herr Jeol: Offers within the last 24 hours will extend auction by 24 hours with each successive bid Questions : Discord - Pure#7759 or on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/hiimcy/ Current Offer Garzhod - 66 CV
  5. Is this auction still going?
  6. Yeet, I'm just gonna post this here before I forget
  7. skrrt skrrt #1 Celebration #2 NPC #3 Armguards of Love
  8. Steam Profile  Thanks Washboard for hosting the giveaway :Pepega: Also, thanks to Mv for letting me borrow a few crystal cores :^)
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1639448814 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1639448916 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062947335 Heya! My only concern is the fact that every time a new round starts, or I spawn back in, my character zooms out? like when you scroll out a bit too much and it's as if you're building and walking, but only with the cursor. Had lots of fun and stress doing the maps though !
  10. updated the end date to allow just a bit more players to participate~
  11. just here to bump the post as a reminder that the little giveaway is still going on until Sunday this week \o/
  12. AHHHHHHH I MADE A MISTAKEEEE OH NOOOO. but thanks kg, didn't realize I missed that, will add it to the thread now :)
  13. booomp. just a quick reminder that the giveaway is still going on :D
  14. Hello everyone! As the temperatures slowly rise we in DDRnG thought it would be time for an upcoming giveaway. Be sure to bring this to your friends' attention as that actually gets you a bonus entry and thereby even better odds for getting a prize. Anyone can join! So don't be alarmed, if you're already in group chat, feel free to post on here, or on the group profile, either one works. And if you aren't, posting over here will still be recognized. Structure The thought behind the giveaway is fairly simple. First of all this is nothing like we previously have done like finding spots or guessing a low-res picture. This time it is all about experiencing the sunshine and beautiful nature in DD. Simply post a screenshot of a given map completed on the required difficulty. Extended-Extended End Date: Friday, July 8th. For each successfully completed map you gain one entry. Each entry counts towards a greater chance of getting the desired item. To enter for a set you will have to 'spend' two entries. To enter the giveaway simply post a link to an album of your photos (using a program such as imgur, gyazo, etc.) and post which items you would like to enter for. Example Sup awesome group. Got there (post link here) awesome screenshots to enter this rapturous giveaway. Gimme the ult blaster (1), the ult++ quietus (2), a ToT (3), the 174k pawn shot (4), and last but not least the ult++ pet (5). /Example (if he had 5 screenshots) There are additional items that are not presented here. How the winner of said items are chosen remains a secret. The maps and entries The maps and respective difficulties that you are to beat in order to entry are the following. The difficulties are just the minimum. Completions on higher difficulties are accepted as well. You also have to beat the maps with a character whose name has some sort of connection to summer. You can play together, however, each person must submit individual pictures. Hall of Court (hard)Challenge: Moving Core (insane hardcore)Akatiti Jungle (insane hardcore)Sky City (insane hardcore)Über Lifestream Hollow Monsterfest (nightmare hardcore)Assault Challenge Pack Part 1 (nightmare hardcore) As previously mentioned everyone is allowed to invite one person to gain an additional entry. Simply post who you invited and if that someone posts that he or she was invited by you: SCORE! You get an additional entry. Items Sets (all hero points in ab1): Please note that the sets take up 2 entries. 4.8k Lab Jester Set4.1k Trapper Set4.7k Aura Set4.2k Pooner Set Trans sets (only tdmg is capped, remainder of points left untouched): Capping Plate Capping Mail More goodies :) 4 Perfect Kobolds2 ++ 3-Stat Tower Pets (capping or 975 tdmg[missing thp])7.2k base Imp 2 Mega Chickens (Tower and 35k)4.2k Trans FairyPair of Steam Saws (129k / 131k)Pair of Roger's Revenge (119k / 115k)141k DPS Roger8 Blasters5 Quietus (4 Tower, 1 DPS)3 DPS Pawn Shots (154k, 174k, 176k)2 BF DrillsTriple-capping Supreme Aqua Squire weapon (thanks harry~)5 50k+ Classic's Eagle2 Ult Clavas (Tower + Stat Stick[DPS])107k DPS Fusion Rift156k DPS E-Spear Specials: (thank you, oh kind Otter and Acen) Please not that the following items are drawn among the participants. This means that you do not have to write these as your wishes. Simply entering puts you in the raffle for the items below. Something BlueFearsome Trainer's Mask Good luck! That was all there was to this giveaway. Be sure to invite a friend and get the screenshots to prove that you are in mood for the summer! /DDRnG P.S. Any questions can be sent to M3rc!_33# or Pure. Both players can be found in the group chat or if necessary contaced directly.
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