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  1. Has anyone else been getting this problem? I can't even get into a private tavern rn.
  2. If you have ever seen warframe I think it will be like that. As Random Asian said they will hold it back a week or to just to optimize it from the feedback they got on PC which pretty much means that console will get the finished product while PC is going to forever be guinea pigs for trendy xD
  3. I respect you good sire. Saying what needs to be said! *salute* +1'd
  4. I'm 100% sure that it wasn't auto collected for me and I didn't notice any magically appearing legendarys in my inventory either I also know for certain that my bags weren't full and even if they were isn't that what the scavenger is for?
  5. Yeah clicking simulator 2017 lol from what I've seen on the forum the devs arent inclined to tell us anything
  6. I just completed my first chaos 1 and I killed a roller which dropped legend loot so I thought (naively) "I'll just go kill the ogre that's ****ing up my other defenses" I come back to the legendary and poof its not there........ I mean surely loot limits were left behind in DD1 whats up with this, isn't this is what the scavenger was originally for? At least give the poor ******* something to do..... Salt aside I just want an explanation and fingers crossed this is just a bug and I've helped the dev team :D
  7. Legitimately you have to keep at refreshing and pressing ok to the error message. It might take about 10 mins but you WILL get in (albeit eventually) if you keep it up.
  8. I up-vote colouring on the minimap. It was so undervalued in DD1 now that we don't have it.
  9. Just like the title says, shouldn't they though? Auras have range indicators and so does literally every other ranged defense, it just seems odd really. What do you guys think?
  10. Spheres? I'm also transitioning into chaos 1, weren't spheres scrapped for shards during early access?
  11. The first one had two servers one with hack protection and I personally never encoutnered any cheater (on console it could be different, I don't know how it would be nowadays). On top of that you can easily split the saves between online and offline and make the transfer only possible from online to offline. I think that making the game forced online has a lot more to do with the fact that the game is free to play and you want people online at all time to have them buy new things. But I would really really really like to have offline and splitscreen on PC so badly. It was different on consol
  12. I can't confirm but I think it was midway ( maybe at the devil guy with a big sword) that they changed "Ancient Evil" to "Old Ones" but grammar police aside the "Old Ones" are literally an "Ancienct Evil" that the parents trapped in crystals so that part makes sense. DD1 was never given a 100% finish and definitely was left at a cliffhanger and we were left to fight as we wanted so in a sense we were still keeping them at bay but Etheria certainly wasn't destroyed. Hope this helps you.
  13. Definitely not something they will be looking at right now (in regards to solo offline play) but finger crossed that they are fixing the servers, PC has been horrible trying to get on recently (error 2002 makes me want to KMs xD).
  14. Is anyone else having difficulty completing nimbus reach on campaign? I have a lvl 50 squire and monk and im having so much difficulty against the onslaught of kobalds...
  15. I have fixed it guys! Anyone that had the same problem check to see if you have adobe creative cloud running and close it. Found my solution here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/319510/discussions/0/35222218968007361/ However if anyone has an idea on how to perm disable it id love to hear it. thx XD
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