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  1. Just in case anybody wanted to use the PS4 controller with DD2. The "use controller" setting doesn't pop up for me personally with a PS4 controller being emulated through DS4 as an X360 controller. Just in case anybody was looking for one or was thinking of playing DD2 with a controller as a different style of play DS4 Download: http://ds4windows.com/ Just follow the link to download and it can download the xbox360 driver through the program Here is the list of commands that are put into a profile. Just assign each of the profile controls to whatever you have it set to as on your keyboard Primary Attack / LMB - RTSecondary Attack / RMB - LTAbility 1 - LBAbility 2 - RBAbility 3 - TriangleAbility 4 - PS ButtonTower 1 - D-pad UpTower 2 - D-pad LeftTower 3 - D-pad DownTower 4 - D-pad RightFirst Use Interaction (Defaulted to E key ingame) - SquareJump - XUpgrade Tower - Press bottom left touchpadSell Tower - Upper touchpadRepair - Press bottom right touchpadReady / G - R3Ping - Share buttonEscape - Options buttonMouse movement is set to right thumbstick
  2. Just a thought that maybe we could get a filter for the inventory so we can see "Defence Power" items (even if they are lower than the current but just if they are there) and all the other stats put into one. As a player that likes to specialise entire stats it can be a bit difficult to go through all the loot you get over a map or 2 and then have to sort out what you want and what you dont want. Also I have not looked to see if anybody else has suggested this. If they have then awesome we should definitely get this ;)
  3. Huntress Uber: Huntress' poison dart shoots a poison bomb that leaves a cloud that poisons all enemies and/or stops ranged units shooting through the cloud because they cannot see correctly
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