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  1. The apprentices secondary attacks bounce/ricochet between enemies instead of piercing in a straight line, as well as increasing the number of enemies able to be marked and attacked with arcane volley, this would help immensely with with CQC and attacking around corners in smaller maps. The Monks boost aura weakens enemies instead of boosting defences this would equate to the enemies doing less damage to defences and players, the enemies would only be able, to be affected by on of these at a time to prevent it from being exploited upgrading the boost auras power would upgrade to weakened de buff placed on enemies to a certain amount. huntress's explosive trap tower is converted into a carpet bombing tower, upon detonation a napalm like substance would ignite in a straight line coming from both ends, think bomber man. (arrows during placement could help with positioning) this would set all enemies on fire and do damage over time. Its initial blast damage would be lower and have a smaller amount of charges than a normal explosive trap in exchange for extra range and the applied burning affect. this would allow players to place these traps in criss cross patterns to further maximise area coverage and damage output and would allow synergies with other powers, towers and environmental traps.
  2. Duel wielding for the squire. Allows the squire to have a second weapon instead of a shield in his off hand, cannot block and looses all bonuses that the shield would otherwise give. Attack damage per swing is averaged between the two blades (X + X / 2) but increases attack speed by X% amount. The shield slam would also be unavailable maybe replaced with another ability of equal or lesser power, or the cool down and manna consumption of the sword strike ability decreased substantially to compensate for lack of AOE damage.
  3. basically the ability to change the appearance of a weapon or item but keep the the items stats. Some limitations should be put on this feature, something like you can only change the appearance of an item to that of a weapon or item you have found or bought and cannot change the appearance to that of a unique item. I believe this will help immensely with player customisation, but may reduce the variety of items seen on players to a large degree.
  4. never mind i figured it out, thanks a lot for the help.
  5. does anyone know what the port numbers are for DD2? I can find a session because of my firewall, ive had these kind of problems in the past and allowing the ports in my firewall has always fixed it. I have looked everywhere online with no luck. i know for a fact its my firewall/modem i just need to know the specific game ports. Also does Playverse need specific ports open or is is tied directly to steam?
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