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  1. Boss drops key, you use key on a lockbox of that tier, get a drop that is either a gameplay-exclusive equipment piece/skill sphere, or a pet version of that boss. Nothing more to explain.
  2. Lockboxes should be tiered. Blue lackbox's key dropped relatively early by a boss Green lockbox's key - moderately difficult. Red - hard to get, late-game superboss. Eternium box - - key is at the end of campaign's alst mission, in Hardmode only, using it on a Blood Temple releases a Boss Rush wave. Diamond - $1 per key, replaces token, gives a random Store item - such as a skin, pet clothes... Blue/green/red lockboxes could contain pet versions of the bosses dropping those keys as the rarest rewards. Boss Tamer is an achievement for getting pet versions of all boss types.
  3. That is simply the "logical way" to implement crafting - creature-specific drops, creatures themselves having specific habitats, and a "workshop" sub-zone in lobby rather than that wacky spinner.
  4. Hello. Hard mode should get monsters, specific to the map, that drop special upgrades Minotaur - leather. Scarlet Scarecrow - durable cloth Ent - wood Malfunctioning Ev - Mythril Plating Naga (part reptilian humanoid, part snake, uses own poison to poison own weapons) - sticky poison (weapons only) Daemon Eagle (July 4) - huntress arrow upgrade, or wearable as a cosmetic by wizard.
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