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  1. Firstly, I truly love the idea presented on the Dev stream. The runic system will definitely open a lot of diversity. I can only hope that the runes are tiered like loot ex common, rare, epic, and legendary. I think it would be fun to have legendary Uber runes/spheres offer defense based towers from different classes. If this is implemented it should be incredibly rare and the towers basic and non-upgradable. For example Huntress finds a Uber rune that has -balloon tower and +arcane blockade (not sure on skill name). The huntress does not use Balloon and sees value in having a blockade to help slow enemies down while using poison tower. Even though the blockade cannot go past Tier 1 and no modifiers can be equipped to boost or augment the skill, it still adds diversity and opens up more viable builds. The Huntress would also have to decide if having the relevant tower is more beneficial than other Uber runes. -important question Will the runes have their own inventory system or will they take up existing bag space? In my humble opinion, I truly hope that a rune inventory system gets implemented for the end user experience and quality of life. This would possibly open up a new revenue stream for additional Rune inventory space. However, if this type of system is implemented the "free space should remain reasonably sufficient ex 32-64 shared spaces" Thank you for reading my post, I hope it aids in adding value to this discussion. Regards Vemi
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