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  1. I think you wrote that the wrong way, should be: Powerful < Epic < Mythic < Legendary Crocodiles mouth always opens to the greater item.
  2. Sorry, I was explaining that there was obviously some thought put in, as you can see that item power scales differently depending on the rarity tier. To address the issue, perhaps all they have to do is re-align the iPWR rates between rarities? Would most likely fix this issue.
  3. Item level determines how strong an item is compared to others in its rarity class. For example a iPWR 10 Common Item and another iPWR 10 Common item will have very similar stats (most likely just on different stats). The higher the rarity the most powerful it will naturally be, so therefore an iPWR 10 Epic will be roughly on par with an iPWR 18 Common (example only). This means your 10 iPWR Epics, Mythics and Legendaries will last waaaaaaaaaay longer than the same iPWR Commons or Rares due to their innate higher stat levels. Hope this helps :)
  4. They don't have a specific time for when it will be released. There is ALOT of work they have to do to get us this update, if you check the Patch Notes thread you can see they have added LOADS of things so it will take time, because of this they cannot even give an accurate guess of when they will be done so a countdown clock would be impossible. Hope this helps! Could i ask where this thread is? the latest patch notes i can find are the Pets and Dragons notes? http://thankyou.dungeondefenders2.com/[[4979,hashtags]] is the link I used to get the patch notes.
  5. Rough release time given the nature of the maintenance report is anywhere between 6pm and 12am AWST or 8pm and 2am AEST. This is not in stone however as the patch may take longer to role out.
  6. Looks like a fairly interesting idea. Would make for a great 3-4 hours of gaming per game by the looks of it. Could perhaps be too long for this sort of game? Wouldn't know of course until it is implemented. Also the look prospects would make this one of the best ways to aim for loot other than Onslaught (due to the influence vote choices). It also opens up the game for slightly different style of players while remaining true to a tower defence. I could see it also helping add to the lore of the game. Perhaps on harder difficulties you could make it when you walk into a room the timer for the
  7. "I saw you place that defence wrong you filthy casual." - The Owl "Really, you let Quab die again? You should be ashamed." - The Owl "Your soul looks mighty tasty!" - The Owl "It was me, all along!" - The Owl Glad they didn't make him like the owl off of the Legend of Zelda... that would be far worse.
  8. Hey Brage, sadly at the moment I don't believe there is any implemented way to change it.
  9. Dhyn Ktonos


    I can understand your frustration Dogs, I too have grinded ages for my gear and it does bug me that newbie players are able to do Incursions with less play, however, once the boots are fixed I think most of them won't be able to do Betsy as they will know no other way to verse Betsy without the boots. This in turn will cause a lot to flop and fail while we, the players who aren't abusing this bug and playing properly, are still grinding Betsy with working builds and coming up with new, simpler and more sophisticated builds. With new modes like Onslaught coming out, the players who are playing
  10. 9/10 due to cool background colour... oh and a cool orc in armor!
  11. So my 2 cents for this topic: I'm against a wipe as I am a casual gamer who has placed a lot of time into this game around work and other commitments. It would be a huge shame to loose all the progression I have made, however, if there was a compensation for being wiped (refunded gold or bonus title and skin etc) then I would be more happy to accept a wipe. I find when I lost 150 hours of game play, it can be very disheartening, especially when looking at the upcoming grind.
  12. Hey all! A mate and I have been talking and he brought up a point that I thought was interesting. With the choice of crafter as the philosophy of choice (by a small margin) he thought it would be cool to be able to move weapon skins across weapons via this system. Either that or an ability to change a weapon skin to that of one you have already picked up. Thoughts on this?
  13. You're doing nothing wrong, the Dev's believe that the first 2 levels are far too easy and as such they are not available in any mode other that campaign.
  14. Ahhh, does it only happen on Forgotten Ruins? Just curious as I'd love to recreate it for a screenshot :) I'm making a collection of weird things that happen in the early alpha :)
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