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  1. [[74509,users]] As Gutu asked, what gear are you using? What's your ilvl? What's your DS/DP? Do you think you cleared faster, slower, or the same? Do you know you cleared faster, slower, or the same? By thinking vs knowing, did the clear time feel faster/slower/the same, and did you get times on the clear speed with and without boost aura. As you've stated, without boost aura it wasn't challenging which means that Trendy is (more than likely) approaching balancing as boost aura not existing. Of course, you could severely outgear the content too. I never said it wasn't possible without boost aura, I'm saying that in a world of min/maxing and shared information people will end up approaching boost aura as a requirement.
  2. The max of 45% boost is under the assumption that it's additive instead of multiplicative. However, it's multiplicative. Hence why [[43252,users]] said that we'll probably be seeing 50% boost aura towers. For the math: 1.25 * (1 + Boost Aura percentage) = 1.25 * (1 + .20) = 1.25 * 1.2 = 1.5
  3. Another good suggestion. I should note that my post doesn't mean that we have to remove it. As [[31834,users]] shows, there's ways to not make it omnipotent. I am still a fan of Gutu's suggestion though. More towers that can combo together would be neat.
  4. [[25805,users]] This isn't just about having a monk in the group. Sure with 4 players, there's a good possibility that in 12 characters there's a monk there for boost aura. What this discussion is really trying to be about is that it's a forced tower in each "group." Skyguard is not similar in the same vein. Tons of maps are cleared without it. This is to be a discussion on whether Trendy should have to balance around boost aura being a tower. It's a tower that they either need to decide is always going to be in every build, at which case they'll have to buff monsters to compensate for that fact (which leaves solo players in the dust with a 3 character cap, but deck size is not the topic for this.) Or they'll ignore the tower when dealing with balance and approach each tower as if it isn't getting boosted, at which point players trying to find the most efficient way are going to be building it all the time anyway to increase clear speed (and in Survival modes, go further than their gear would actually let them.) I'm with [[43252,users]] on this one. Putting something that directly combos (via elementals) is a much more interesting idea.
  5. I've seen this formula posted before. However I've got a question on it. Almost all of my towers don't match up the attack rate on these. For instance, my squire's information is such: 911 DS .62 Current Cannonball Attack Rate Base attack rate for squire cannonball tower is 2.32. So, if I plug in this equation, I should see .62 come out in the end. 1/([1/Base Attack Rate] * [ 1 + (DS - 250)/300]) = 1/([1/2.32]*[1+(911-250)/300])=.72 Am I following the equation incorrectly, or is there really a .1 margin of error?
  6. I just took the pet survey and in the optional part I addressed this tower, but I want to see where the rest of the community sits on it. NOTE: This is NOT in regards to pre-patch gear increasing boost aura higher than it should be. Please leave these comments for another thread. Now that the note is out of the way, let's get to the meat of the post. Currently, as it sits at it's lowest point it's only a 25% boost to a tower. This means that if four towers are affected by it, we've essentially built a fifth tower but spread out the damage across the four towers. It doesn't sound like much, but the more towers within the boost aura the more benefit you're getting (DU, mana spent for upgrades, etc.) So, as a balancing point, we have to approach boost tower in two different ways. First Option, we pretend boost aura doesn't exist and balance monster health/damage to tower/hero damage.Second option, we know boost aura exists and buff monster health/damage to compensate for the fact that boost aura exists.Both of these options leave much to be desired. If you approach it from the first option, anyone using the tower is more efficient at farming, so you're required to use boost aura. If you approach it from the second option, you're required to use boost aura or severely outgear the map or else you won't be able to finish the map. Both of these options get more apparent when we're looking at next patch with Onslaught (Survival Mode.) If the game is balanced around the first option, people will use the tower to complete further waves than they would without it so everyone is required to run it in a build. If the game is balanced around the second option, people will use the tower to be able to beat waves their build/gear is supposed to be able to handle. Either way, it's a forced tower in the builds which lowers diversity (in my opinion.) So the question then becomes, is this tower what the game needs? Should Trendy take a look at this tower for a replacement now before they're too far into development and people are used to needing a monk in every hero deck? Should they leave it alone? What are some ways that we can change the tower (or suggestions on replacement tower effects) so that it's not required in builds or "wrong" if you're not using it?
  7. Wow, that's a really great find. Thank you [[43252,users]]. Kudos!
  8. I guess that's a good example. Of course, it could always have been a thought from Trendy to stop gear drops after X minutes of wave 5 in Crossroads and Den so people didn't keep an Ogre or Betsy alive indefinitely to farm gear. I'm not saying you're wrong, it just doesn't feel right. I'll believe it when a quote from Trendy acknowledges that logic. It's not bad logic to have in my opinion, it'll just be the first time I've ever heard of a game approaching gear drops in such a way.
  9. [[43252,users]] I'm curious where you have the loot being pre-determined. Do you have a link to a quote on that one?
  10. Interesting. I have experienced it not minimizing at some times. But I'd say an overwhelming portion would be it minimizing. Maybe this should be in the bug forums. Thanks all for your help!
  11. Gutu, are you using the "Fullscreen Windowed" or just the "Windowed" option in the Video settings.
  12. As repeated above, that works for me too. I want the fullscreen windowed option to work as well with alt-tabbing. Can anyone else confirm that fullscreen windowed minimizes on alt-tab for me so I feel like it's not just me? Thanks.
  13. It'd be nice to be able to filter either just the TIB or your entire inventory for specific things. Examples: WeaponsArmor/Helmet/etcEggsPet FoodChestsRarity Similarly, if possible, filtering by stats on gear (and pets) would be nice too. While the inventory isn't huge, having to go through the TIB after running 5-6 maps is a lot more work that it should be. I'd rather be back in maps playing and not having to worry about gear that's going to be sold off after the 3hour timer is up.
  14. I must be unlucky. When I alt-tab the game is minimized. Are you sure you're on windowed fullscreen? Windowed works, but not windowed fullscreen.
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