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  1. Sub zero: Frost towers range gets shortened but they instantly freeze an enemy for x seconds. would be prefect against bombers. Rejuvination aura: Serenity aura now regenerates blue mana instead of health Earth avatar: Earth shatter tower summons a single tanky earth elemental dealing aoe damage with every hit Range tower: Boost tower gives a lower damage boost but increases the range/AOE of the effected towers by x%
  2. I just don't understand why they can't make a hybrid of these options. I kinda liked the enhancing system in DD1, but I also like the idea of (re)crafting items to get the correct bonus stat for my chosen class. Apart from that it would be nice to have a sort of summary of what each option brings to the player. Considering the last influence choice brought a lot of confusion
  3. Quality over quantity : Complete a map while only using half of the DU
  4. Island themed with sub cores at the connecting bridges. and... triggered coconut bombs?
  5. Are the girls sitting at the bar upcoming classes?
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