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  1. Hero Specs All of these ideas that I came up are mostly related to towers and also help out to diverse builds, feel free to edit or change the name, effect, etc or not even use it! I’ll try my best to explain each one. ===========Squire Specs =Large – Training Dummies – Clusterphilia - Upon receiving damage from enemy sources, there is an X% chance that the Training Dummy will pull in enemies within an X radius. Training Dummies sit there and seem to just get bullied by ranged enemies, so to counter that, why not punish them for their cruelty? They can also be used to pull in enemies into Huntress’s Traps and Monk’s Aura’s. =Uber – Cannonball Towers – Shy Towers – When an enemy gets too close to Cannonball Towers, they hide underground, allowing the enemy to pass by. This spec is to help increase survivability to for the cannons, although this would not work out against ranged enemies (because the enemy would need to be close to the cannon for it to hide), another complication would be if a swarm of enemies would come and stomp all over the cannons. =Uber – Ballista – Highlander Ballista – Ballista has extended range and very high damage, ballista locks on a high HP enemy, after X seconds of delay, the ballista would launch a devastating shot. Towers seem to attack the front most enemy and never really prioritize on a specific target. This spec would make the ballista into a sniper tower. This cannot replace a DPS Built Huntress due to its very slow attack rate. =Large – Squire’s Towers – Fallen Brothers – When any tower/blockade is destroyed, adjacent Squire Cannons and Ballista gain a Defense/Speed Defense Boost for an X second period. When a text comes up that someone’s defense are destroyed, mostly players freak out and believe it is total GG. To give the players time to get to the damaged defenses and repair them, this spec would give them time. =Uber – Spike Blockades – Boxer Blockades – When Spike Blockades are being attacked, there is an X% chance that the blockade will punch the attacker with very high knockback damaging any enemies within its path. Very amusing to use an enemy as a bowling ball to your advantage. Now there are two ways these can be used, they can knock these enemies into ranged mobs or off a cliff. This is mostly for fun. =========Apprentice Specs =Uber – Earthshatter Towers – Terraform – Earthshatter Towers have wider attack angle and have very slow attack rate, these towers can create temporary crater walls to hold off enemies. Crater walls have a small X defense health and one can be deployed at a time. For an apprentice who wants to make a high defense health build, this can be beneficial to the player. This can hold off a lane to give other towers time to deal more damage. =Uber – Arcane Barriers – Crystal Reconstruction – Arcane Barrier’s base defense health is reduced, when an Arcane Barrier is destroyed, the barrier recovers within an X second delay. Just more of a little thing, this is better for players who want to focus on using their tower mana on other towers but want at least some form of protection. If this is not as interesting as it is, then another concept would be… =Uber – Arcane Barriers – Moral Conversion - When an Arcane Barrier is destroyed, the last hitting enemy gets converted to fight for the Heroes for a period of time. To make arcane barriers more of an offensive tower, it can be used to provide support for the Heroes. Although the converted enemies do not draw attention from other enemies, so the enemy lane is not necessarily delayed. =Uber – Arcane Barriers – Arcane Pierce - Arcane Barriers upon detonation from damage, now release a beam of energy, damaging any enemies within it’s path. This would make barrier placement more important for arcane barriers, plus it would be cool for the arcane barriers to release a devastating beam. =Uber – Frostbite Towers – Ice Spears - Frostbite Towers now shoot shards of ice, each deals small amounts of damage and applies a small slow effect, when an enemy takes a certain amount of shards, the enemy will freeze. I hardly see the frostbite towers being upgraded, I assume because there is really no reason to upgrade them other than to just slow down enemies, to give these towers a purpose to be upgraded, the spec can have the towers deal DPS alongside other towers. =Uber – Flameburst Towers – Nova Bombers - Flameburst Towers now have slower attack rate and larger attack radius, when the tower attacks, it launches a fireball into the air landing onto enemies causing a large blast radius. This is Michael Bay material right here, seeing that huge explosion is satisfying to see! Pretty much, just a spec to include into the game… more explosions! =Uber – Flameburst Towers – Napalm Blaster - Flameburst Towers have slight lower attack rate and damage, when an enemy is attacked, the enemy is ignited and leaves behind a trail of fire damaging other enemies who are on the trail. This can turn an enemy into a walking Ghost Rider, this is more effective if this is applied to the more front enemies, plus this is going to burn down many buildings. ==========Huntress Specs =Uber – Geyser Traps – Oil Geysers – Geyser Traps have a lower health defense base and attack rate and now apply oiled status on enemies. So last time, I used an Electric Bow and combined it with really good geysers, I had fun using this set up, until I got a Fire Bow. I had trouble using it’s element on situations; I can use the oil skill, but it was costly and too long to use. So why not make a clean environmental geyser into a polluted piece of junk to let huntresses focus on cooking their targets. =Large – Explosive Traps – Unstabilized Mines – Explosive Traps deal more damage up to a maximum of X% based on remaining charges. Explosive Traps run out of charges pretty fast, so why not use it as an advantage? This would let the players think a second time rather than just plainly refill charges! =Uber – Blaze Balloons – Balloon Party - Blaze Balloons can now be moved away from base by hero’s range attacks, as one balloon leaves from base, another one is made. There is a limit of how many balloons can be out from that base. So these Blaze Balloons are pretty weak, even with good stats, these balloons hardly kill any mobs. Instead, have multiple balloons out at once to increase effectiveness of the tower. Also, triggering the balloons with hero attacks seem meaningless if enemies can already trigger them, so why not move them around instead? It can improve defense interaction with the players. =Uber – Poison Dart Towers – Spread The Infection – When a poisoned enemy dies, the corpse emits a poison cloud, resuming the stacked poison onto other enemies. After all of the Poison Dart Towers have pumped in so much poison stacks into one mob and dies, the other enemies have already passed them! All of those stacks just for one enemy, so it would be better to resume to poison stacks and spread it to other enemies to cause chaos. =Large – The Huntress – Cupid’s Kiss – Every huntress shot has an X% chance to convert the attacked mob to fight for the huntress for x seconds. This would be a nice twist added to the huntress, the enemies can now be charmed by her and will fight alongside of her! ===========Monk Specs Uber – Serenity Auras – Hero’s Sanctuary¬ – When a Hero is on the Serenity Aura; when enemies step into the aura, the enemies prioritize the hero and cannot leave the aura. The more enemies there are, the faster the aura depletes. This spec will give DPS Heroes their personal space to attack and defend a lane. Sometimes in a co-op game, some players want to feel as important as the builder of the team. Large – Sky Guard Towers – Death From Above – When an airborne enemy is killed, it explodes upon landing dealing x damage. Just for added security for the towers, and plus… explosions!
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