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  1. It's kinda stupid to remove the chance for perfect roll in the shop in general... Should instead fix the vendor reset upon login and leave it as is... The "log in -> vendor -> log out -> log in" cycle is what made it broken. We should be able to roll good items from vendors, otherwise, what is the point to keep vendors? If they aren't going to sell anything worthwhile, then Just replace them with dummies or something...
  2. No, you got the wrong person. That was Sora.....and we still don't know what became of his mom...lol What? No. I meant Carl:)
  3. There was a Defense Speed stat in DD2 before. They removed it and they're not going to re-implement it. It was game-breaking and very hard to balance. TE said this themselves.
  4. you get 3x total medal rewards for defending dungeons. Does not apply to daily / weekly missions.
  5. You have to simply accept that you grew bored of the franchise (yes, not just DD2. You're not playing DD1 either. Why? Cause you're bored and tired of the same game itself. Gotta know when it's time to move on.)
  6. You are hilarious. Why? Because after you gear up in the so much wanted "HELL MODE" you would come back here to complain about how unimportant and meaningless the previous difficulty is. Just like you're doing right now. Edit: the ONLY thing they need to do is add that so much wanted "HELL MODE" and make it drop the usual NM4 stuff. At least then you'll get your so much wanted challenge so you could come here cry about how "unrewarding it is" and proceed to contradict your current complains.
  7. All these calculations are funny though. Rather pointless, too, besides the "fun" side of it. Math is fun, i know. Missing a lot of points, only calculating dps meters but not overall usefulness, etc. You should not ignore the fact that BA gives 12%+ dmg prot. Knowing damage breakpoints is good, yes, but it all comes with experience and experimentation as well, not just brainstorming on paper. IMO, the only useful things to know are: 1. Buffs go like this: Boost Aura boosts everything, including Buff Beam -> Boosted Buff Beam buffs defenses again. 2. Breakpoints. 3. It is almost always better to hit MORE in a single hit than less in multiple hits. Hence, maximizing buffs is better almost always. A lot of things can look good on paper but suck in reality. P.S. It is not DPS what you should worry about. Damage should be the focus of your calculations.
  8. I believe it was for the same reason we had to re-manage our stat points. It probably has something to do with the revamped campaign and it's rewards and, because you have previously completed the campaign, thus, you gained the experience for it for your new hero. It probably went hand-in-hand with pets bugging out beyond stat caps too. I had mine leveled to 50 as well. Saved me 20 minutes /shrug. For a veteran player, that's always welcome, lol. I could be wrong though.
  9. Also, you all have to take into account that Boost Aura reduces damage taken by your defenses as well, not just dps increase. So there's that. If you have towers nearby your blockade (FTs / Cannons / etc.) I believe it is always better to drop one Boost Aura instead of another Cannon or SG.
  10. The problem with colossus example: Nothing prevents you from creating 10 Abyss Lords and spam Colossuses all over the map. It has to be changed into "1 Colossus per map", not per hero. Otherwise, a really strong portable boost aura once per map sounds REAAALLLLLY GOOD.
  11. Campaign Normal Harbinger gives 500k exp. The same amount as Hard. Edit: Like Zimmerman and gotrunks said, Onslaught can yield you a constant supply of 690-700 ipwr items. Using the 5 daily chest rewards in incursions could potentially earn you 660-750 ipwr items, depending on a map. For regular items, it's better to farm onslaught rounds 8+. You are guaranteed to drop 690+ items, while incursions can give you items in 660-750 ipwr range.
  12. [[39695,users]] in regards to Mystic: Haha, exactly! She is fast like a bullet but really hard to control once you're in the air. I have died in Forgotten Ruins SO.MANY.TIMES it's funy, LOL. But i like how she is exclusively ground-mobility based. I feel like there are 3 heroes with mobility traits: Power Surge Monk, Gunwitch and now Mystic. EV2 KIND OF has something but really, doesn't. She can switch directions mid-air really well, but she needs something else exclusive to her, much like Mystic's insane speed or GW's flight...
  13. [[149503,users]] If you were sarcastic with all that, i apologize for misunderstanding;) It does bug me a little when i have to click 50+ times to upgrade each of my items, but certainly not to that extent.
  14. Would definitely play #1. Especially, if rewards scaled with difficulty (until reaching the regular current content's cap, of course).
  15. Adding something like Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, which would please these impossible-challenge-starved hard-to-the-very-core players does sound like a nice idea. However, development of such a mode requires time (because while it would probably take not much time to force an ogre to go straight to the crystal or model some armor on it or whatever, you don't want to release a half-baked product just to please some guy on the forum. The end product first and foremost must please you, a.k.a. developer. And that requires time and effort) and effort and it's either that (pointless challenge mode that only 10 dedicated people would play for two weeks and later ditch that too, coming to complain over new things) or current / future content development and progress of the game. That mode would be exactly as pointless as the carnival we had: 1) no story progress 2) no player progress You would stop playing that mode either way within a week or two. I'd much rather they worked on current / future content that has a meaning and release that insanely hard mode sometime whenever. Edit: Why nobody would play that mode? Because it has to drop the highest ipwr currently available in the game. Meaning, you don't progress there. No meaning to spend your time in there, aside a fun challenge once or twice a week. Otherwise it's DD1 all over again with infinitely scaling damage and never-ending difficulty. And that's wrong.
  16. If you see Carl, tell him his mom is calling. Dinner's ready.
  17. Imo, Gunwitch should not be that much focused around mid-air mobility. I think mid-air maneuvering and such should be EV2's specialty. Acceleration, flight should be Gunwitch's traits.
  18. Vagnar i mean, the combination of double jump and flight is what makes me pick her over others. I use flight a lot and when i need to jump, it's only a double jump. Her kit does not attract me as, say, EV2 or Monk's so if those two had double jump, i'd just alternate between those two instead, depending on the situation. It'd be cool to have it on other heroes, but Gunwitch would lose half her charm.. :/ (other half being the flight) Monk already has an alternative for flight and double jump. Only thing he can't control is altitude which makes ir hard to overcome some obstacles. Edit: In my opinion, other heroes need something unique rather than everyone to have everything. For example, EV2 could propel herself upwards to the desired height and / or maneuver through air using her built-in turbines (for the lack of better word). She's a robot, after all.
  19. Honestly, i prefer double jump being Gunwitch-exclusive feature. Other heroes could have other exclusive mobility traits, such as navigation while jumping, letting you precisely control your jumping location, etc. and so on. The only reason i liked her (and still use her sometimes) was because of the double jump and fly. Otherwise i wouldn't like her.
  20. They didn't. The update looks good, feels good.
  21. You are blowing things out of proportions, dude. Need to calm down a little ;P You have repeated this same message in like 172356 threads multiple times, it's okay to just post once, we can read fine. No need to rage spam your toxicity towards a developer... Jeez.
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