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  1. https://imgur.com/a/Wy9pj Two Pink Kraken Kannons, if i need to find something more pink I can.
  2. (much more) One similar to this sold for about 9cv recently
  3. 4cv is lower than I'd like it to sell for
  4. Auction Ends 3/15 Auction Winner: Lare Paharinen for 4cv Blaster Rifle: https://imgur.com/a/9oiAh IC : https://imgur.com/a/gA00l Accepting Cubes, 4/10/15 diamonds, or some event items, really looking for a Gaia. I have the right to cancel the auction if I am not satisfied with the offers.
  5. I have already found the spots, I never submitted anything because I didn't understand what was considered a winning screenshot but things have been clarified now with Jyutta's replies. Also you say it was said multiple times by now but at the time of my first comment I believe only Bonny had submitted anything and you if look Jyutta said "not winning material". Again I am not the only person that was confused by it and there is no reason to get defensive when people don't understand something. As with any contest I think they are great that someone is nice enough to give stuff away and of course they are able to do whatever they wish with their contest. As I said before I was looking for clarity on the rules for those who wanna participate and they have been cleared up now.
  6. Ok so three people posted things and got it right, I posted with a question and two people copied my comment and one person posted screen shots that didn't count. Maybe instead of telling people to just read it again or claiming they are refusing to read or replying with "sigh" you could just actually respond helpfully. You are hosting a contest, if people have questions or misinterpret your rules just help them out. Edit: All I am trying to do here is make sure the rules are clear for anyone who wants to participate, for example that person bonny went and spent time getting the screen shots that didn't count because they didn't understand the rules. I don't think it should take someone having their submission not count for people to further understand what you are looking for.
  7. So as far as reaching those places I am not sure what you mean, if i recall correctly on that map you can't use overlord mode. Which means to place those minions there that guy would have been there. Also just saying read the post and read the comment again, you really don't understand the concept of explaining things then, I could just tell you to read my comment again but that doesn't accomplish anything. Two other people have quoted my comment which means i am not the only one who wanted more of an explanation on what you are looking for. By the sounds of it you should have stated this contest as being those who can correctly replicate the screen shots will be entered for a chance to win. This isn't something that will have variation so saying the "best" will win doesn't really apply here.
  8. You need to be more specific about the parameters of this contest... If you want the replicas to be exactly the same as the original then how will there really be a "best" picture that will win. If 5 people all copy the images exactly then what makes one better than the other. I don't understand what you are looking in a winning picture.
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