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  1. I've had this issue before but after a game or two and a relog it fixed its self aswell
  2. It usually just takes some time, At least for me, I'll click it then like 5 minutes later I'll either load in or it will kick me to the menu. 
  3. That's what I thought ;-;... Some community guy said they were implementing something to fix in the up coming patch but when it came the same result still! I mean I'm not trying to be some narcissistic player who thinks the game should patch just because of me but I was mislead qq
  4. My game has been broken for so ***ing long! I get this match making error bull *** >;o! I've sent in longs and everything I could at least get a reply back but nooo ! 
  5. You can also switch in-combat but it triggers a 4-5 sec cooldown. oh, Is this with the new update? I haven't been able to play so I wouldn't know -_-
  6. I get the match making error still. I sent the logs I've enabled everything I done all the methods... *clicks gun* only one option left..
  7. :( If you haven't sent in a ticket, how do you know your issue cannot be resolved ? There is no harm in at least sending a ticket in with your log files. For example: Even if there might not be a solution to your issue now, your log files will help create a solution for a future patch I sent a ticket and no response... thanks.
  8. I've tried all that pal, Trust me :P I've reinstalled and all verified files ect... I just wanna play ;w;
  9. I don't know whats up I keep getting this for the past two days been changing servers and reinstalling restart ect.... Idk
  10. I don't know whats up I keep getting this for the past two days been changing servers and reinstalling restart ect.... Idk
  11. I don't read these forums. so I wouldn't know, I mean if someone bashed my wife I guess I'd sue idk.
  12. Stop suing people gosh, well maybe never mind if you sue them and get money maybe you can hire more staff and speed up game development... carry on. https://i.gyazo.com/c2659db05f7f64db390d4d132fd12242.png
  13. If anyone would be so kind as to help me do some NM3/4 I'd be very appreciative I have no friends as you can see from my countless tries to make you all like me on forums but the emptiness and truly void like abyss I call my life is only filled by dd2's pointless updates and wonderfully time consuming grindfest my poor little soul just can't keep up alone, Alas! I call upon you valiant knights to save me from my own demise! Did I mention Pwetty Pwease ;(?
  14.  Add Me Pls Literally can't find people I sat in a match waiting for someone to join and made this picture 10/10 Wud make agen pls add me. と遊ぶために誰かを必要としています。 Χρειάζεστε κάποιον να παίξει με . Iemand om te speel met nodig . Duhet dikush për të luajtur me të . بحاجة الى شخص للعب مع. Պետք մեկը պետք է խաղալ : Ilə oynamaq kimsə lazımdır. Norbait jolastu behar . Нуждаете се от някой, който да играе с тях. 需要有人一起玩。 Besoin de quelqu'un pour jouer avec. Brauchen Sie jemanden zum Spielen . Cần một ai đó để chơi với. Angen rhywun i chwarae gyda nhw. Behöver någon att spela med . Necesitas alguien con quien jugar . Χρειάζεστε κάποιον να παίξει με
  15. 11/10 -IGN Best Game On Steam - WeeabooTrase John Mathers Approves Collin Hale For President - ISIS Would edate -Me
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