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  1. I've had this issue before but after a game or two and a relog it fixed its self aswell
  2. It usually just takes some time, At least for me, I'll click it then like 5 minutes later I'll either load in or it will kick me to the menu. 
  3. That's what I thought ;-;... Some community guy said they were implementing something to fix in the up coming patch but when it came the same result still! I mean I'm not trying to be some narcissistic player who thinks the game should patch just because of me but I was mislead qq
  4. My game has been broken for so ***ing long! I get this match making error bull *** >;o! I've sent in longs and everything I could at least get a reply back but nooo ! 
  5. You can also switch in-combat but it triggers a 4-5 sec cooldown. oh, Is this with the new update? I haven't been able to play so I wouldn't know -_-
  6. I get the match making error still. I sent the logs I've enabled everything I done all the methods... *clicks gun* only one option left..
  7. :( If you haven't sent in a ticket, how do you know your issue cannot be resolved ? There is no harm in at least sending a ticket in with your log files. For example: Even if there might not be a solution to your issue now, your log files will help create a solution for a future patch I sent a ticket and no response... thanks.
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