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  1. I was planning on PERHAPS taking off work in order to play this patch, but I don't want to take off a whole day if your patching at noon EST then down for 3 hours. Any ETA on exactly what time patch will hit, so I can stay at work to make money to spend buying all the heroes I missed last year?
  2. I come back every 3-4 months, and the game is ALWAYS in a different state with more gear/content. It's a blessing in disguise though, because there are 1-2 more heroes to buy (cash grab at its finest) and there is still ZERO balance. Every time I go back, 3+ classes are useless, 1 is stupid OP, and there is a completely different cheese build to breeze through any content. To me, devs seemed more interested in releasing characters for the $$$ then balancing their game. Especially when a new character is VERY OP on release and allows user to cheese content, and they wait WAY too long to detune them, forcing more hands to buy said OP character to gear up their deck before the nerf. I see almost everything they do and dont do as a money grab. Thats why the starter heroes are in such shambles right now, and have been for quite sometime.
  3. Here is my hope: Balance. I hope they balance original heroes so that they are all viable, and not just filling a small niche roll that takes a legendary weapon to alter a skill to make them useful. I hope the cash grab of creating new heroes as fast as they are wears off and we get to enjoy the ones we got for free. #MakeStarterHeroesGreatAgain
  4. I was going to comment on liking everything except for some turd on the forums spouting dumb &#%^, how this is too easy, filthy casuals, I am better than everyone else, you should make this game for me and me alone, then I noticed that it was you TS and you made this thread. Most constructive thing you have said in almost 200 posts, and I agree. Game is definitely moving in the right direction, yet still warrants the Alpha badge of not balanced, finished, polished yet. This is why it's nice to play in spurts, quit for a few months, and come back on major content updates like this to try them out. I enjoy the game, and know Trendy will not disappoint in the end. Instead of criticizing them and their player base, I choose to play, test, form opinions, and quit until a patch hits that could change those opinions. This one did. GREAT JOB TRENDY!
  5. With ilvl around 630-650, friend and I have 1.3 and 1.4 million HP T5 colossus' right now. Orcs are around 400k base, so no more reasons for barricades AT ALL. Abyss Lord rendered quite a few defensive units, and classes for that matter obsolete.... Guess I'm glad I've been collecting a DP/DC set for my squire then. And is that 400k without a boost aura + sphere? For the Orcs, yeah. We don't boost them. We might have a few %3-%4 hp buffs on our gear, but not much. There really is no reason to use blockades anymore. Skellies are amazing front to back single target when placed correctly, orcs outshine barricades, colossus is STUPID strong, especially with 2+ of them, and sucking mana to drop abyss crystals non stop is OP, even on a DH/DP build its TONS of damage. He is really great when you throw down your healing well on him and have it make things take 20% less damage. We have 2 of those going double Abyss Lord as well, and it's stupid strong. I would prefer they bring all other characters up to him, but think they will nerf him BIG TIME :(
  6. Friend and I just started chipping away at NM4 after LONG layoff due to game being a trap/frosty simulator. We are enjoying the diversity and IMMENSELY enjoying the Abyss Lord. This patch was my favorite by far Trendy, great work! Now it's time to balance the other heroes and make them as OP as the Abyss Lord :)
  7. With ilvl around 630-650, friend and I have 1.3 and 1.4 million HP T5 colossus' right now. Orcs are around 400k base, so no more reasons for barricades AT ALL. Abyss Lord rendered quite a few defensive units, and classes for that matter obsolete....
  8. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the info! And, sorry about the cannonballs TS :( Always research before you buy ;) BTW, I have the Elemental Chaos and we use Flamethrowers instead. I also have LSA because they were required pre nerf, now kinda suck :(
  9. Excellent post Giga. Thank you VERY much for the rundown on these. To kind of stay a LITTLE on topic in talks of Ubers, do you have them all? If so, can you give your opinions on the ones you do have, so I know what is and isn't worth it? I don't play THAT much, so I don't want to waste tokens like I almost just did....
  10. I was actually going to buy this after I completed the Monthly and my daily tonight, but this discussion might sway my opinion. Right now, a friend and I are doing GREAT with Flamethrower towers for magic lanes and huntress traps for physical are falling behind. Was going to buy/test the cannons in hope that they will push us into NM4, but not so much now. Anyone have any GOOD experiences with cannonballs?
  11. 2 rounds of DragonFall Bazaar on hard got me to 23 in about 20-25 minutes. 1 round of Harbringer on easy got me to 24 (so only +1 level) in about 5 minutes. I don't think Harbringer is worth it, unless I am doing something wrong?
  12. Hey guys, Just got the itch to level 2 more characters after the original 4 I have had leveled since closed Beta, and am wondering what the quickest way to level would be now. Any ideas?
  13. Saw the thread title, came in for Jay Wilson, left happy. For real though, I see where you are coming from TS. I agree with the majority of what you are saying as well. They did take a big risk with this update, but they seem very good at responding to criticism with patches and such as well. I have faith it will be a good game, but will we have wait for years like in D3 to get that game? I too feel like they took quite a few steps back with the current patch, so only time will tell.
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