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  1. Kind of a shame on the gear not visable.. looks like another game where every class looks exactly the same.. 8( I just dislike walking into a tavern and being force fed a visual of the exact same 50 monks all dressed up in ninja costumes.. clones much? or summoners all using demon costumes .. visual diversity is important to me. Character customization is also important to me
  2. Roger that, thanks for the reply Drsteve!
  3. I have a serious "all things Dungeon Defenders" bug right now. Playing DD1, DDE, and DD2 currently has lead me to a couple questions concerning DD2. I'm hoping some of you other Dungeon Defender Fanatics may be able to answer some questions I have not been able to get google to answer properly. 1. Will there be visual armor/gear representation like DDE had? (I loved this) 1B. if so will there be dyes too? (loved the buy with gold dyes not the drop and take up tons of inventory type) 2 Has anyone seen any inferences on if any of the other classes from DD1 will be implemented? (variety is the
  4. I am also interested interested in making some new dungeon defenders friends. I'll take a look. I was hoping for a in game way to do this though. (guild/friends list)
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to bounce an idea off everyone (maybe long). Please keep in mind these are my opinions about the current game mechanics. I do not intend these statements to be taken as fact. I currently see the base set up for all maps is as follows: Lightening Aura field >>> Cannon Field. This set up gives magical and physical damage. It is not the absolute best setup in every lane/situation, but it will work in every situation. This hero load-out also gives you access to tower buff from monk. What I'd like to see: Landmine Field >>> Fireball Field Lightening Au
  6. I'd love to see a larger hero deck, or maybe buying of deck slots with gold. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I have read in many places that the hero deck is unlikely to be changed. my opinion: It's sole purpose is to handicap solo players and make grouping more attractive. 4 players get access to 4 hero's towers, more lane babysitters, and a tiny bit more loot drop. A solo player looses the loot bonus, 1 hero's towers, and extra lane babysitters.. The current content (even at it's hardest level) is not difficult enough to require multiple heros babysitting towers/lanes if built/deployed correctly.
  7. I maybe completely off base here but my understanding of these choices are as follows.. Merc = loosely based off of rewards system of boss level completions in DD1 (obviously not as specific or powerful in some cases, most likely a bit more random in skins) Expid= loosely based off of rewards system for level completion in DDE (but a bit more focused on what you may get) If this is anywhere near the case then these systems are already in place in the code architecture of the previous titles. With a significant amount of testing and customer feedback all ready on hand for said systems. The se
  8. A simple dropdown menu that registers your choice of loot/reward. This choice stays active/registered until it is changed. it can be changed anytime during the current round or completely ignored (even minimized). At the end of each round loot is given. This give the merc's everything they want. No time wasted and hands off.. This gives the expid's everything they want. The ability to micro manage and maximize rewards... And more importantly it allows players to change being a "merc" or "expid" at anytime over their playing career in game. From a player standpoint this fixes all of this debat
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