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  1. Seems to me there are a few things wrong with the pet system. It says, my pet blinkie, when evolve is done, will change into fledging. I clicked evolve after gathering the materials and stats. *POW* Message pops up saying "None Blinkie, evolved into hatchling" and nothing changed at all. However, my mats and money dissapeared. To get everything to update, you have to un-equip and re-equip pet. Second error, when you try to re-roll pet stat, use the item reroll specific stat and select. Mats get used up, stat stays the same.
  2. Taking a further look at the boss possession, I think that perhaps a 2 minute cool down on the boss himself after possession runs out would be needed.
  3. Heavy handed: Monster melee causes extraordinary knockback.
  4. So as far as I can remember you have the following traits: Grounded: Cannot be knocked up Stun resist: Crowd Control effect resilliance. I have a few ideas i'll lay them out as follows: Hot feet: ??% chance monster in lane spawns with hot feat that creates a lava trail that damages heros. Zombie: 2% chance a Monster in lane moves slower, are extra immune to towers but more vulnerable to melee. (visual effect to accompany this: Skull and cross bone above head?) Unstable Tincture: All monsters in lane have taken a potion that, upon near death, explode. This damages heros or towers nearby.
  5. Yer that's what I was thinking! like stalker, or that vex dude who brings out three guys that try and kill you aha
  6. that's actually a pretty good shout to
  7. Bump for the influence week.
  8. Odd I can see them on my computer screen pretty large, right click view image? Thanks dude i'll try those
  9. An Update on this. Upgraded to Windows 10 technical Build 10074. Nvidia just brought out a driver for Windows 10 builds also that I downloaded. Increased performance noticeably. However, played Forest Crossroads, at the end when the cinematic ran, same error as above.
  10. I'll stop in when everyones done discussing what needs to be done. I have free time till July so I literally have more time than I know what to do with.
  11. Sure I get that, but DPS characters get slightly boring at times, this adds dynamic play and an extra level of difficulty. You have to remember, not everyone wants to just use towers, some people I know here predominantly play DPS and nothing else. DD2 doesn't punish others that like to play the way they want to play, I respect that.
  12. Yer I get you, you have to admit though, that would be a huge disappointment. You spend all this time to evolve a pet and take it to the next level only for it to be cosmetic. I can't think of any game that would let you down like that aha.
  13. The fuse idea is kinda cool, sounds like a ballache maths and balance wise though. However if I can fuse a cat and a dog, and produce catdog, I am happy.
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