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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of you who can hit much more than this, but I'm also sure there are quite a few who can't, hopefully this video will help the latter, and at least be mildly interesting to the former. [video=youtube_share;g4UVql4NsF4]http://youtu.be/g4UVql4NsF4[/video]
  2. I'm sure there are plenty of you who can hit much more than this, but I'm also sure there are quite a few who can't, hopefully this video will help the latter, and at least be mildly interesting to the former. [video=youtube_share;g4UVql4NsF4]http://youtu.be/g4UVql4NsF4[/video]
  3. The mechanics are, in no way, okay. Option D. These spiders could be split into three separate mobs, each with its own mechanic. Where is the "Spiders were obviously not thought through properly and probably never tested before implementation" option? Anyone else feel like an underpaid beta tester sometimes? I hear ya with that one, I really think Trendy needs to start changing the way they push out patches. They should take a few pointers on how to run things more efficiently from Riot Games over at League of Legends, they also started out as a small indie company, and now they have a mas
  4. There are plenty of threads about them already but no polls that I could find, I'd like to know what the majority thinks about them, please cast your vote.
  5. I couldn't read through all of this because it gained 8 pages overnight but I did notice a mod reply. First I find it a bit odd the only thing you chose to comment on was my statement on how this game comes off as a casual friendly title, not any of my main points, but either way here is my response. Yes, graphics play a large role in it giving a casual title vibe, it looks like a children's game so obviously it's going to attract a younger playerbase. Of course it's not only the graphics that lead me to declare it a mostly casual title, think back on your first playthrough. It more than li
  6. Hm...strange how such a short amount of time as changed your opinion quite vastly. I remember you saying the exact opposite in the thread I made earlier...something like "If you enjoy the ongoing challenge like I do, then work hard to beat the challenges. They aren't impossible... just hard." It seems like we're on the same page now though, as I agree with your post here. I think you misunderstood my thread though as my qualm is much similar to yours, it's not a matter of things being too hard, or too easy, for me it is Trendys constant indecision, rule changing and lack of a polished patch.
  7. Thanks Lukums, I'm glad you received my reply as my opinion and didn't take it as an attack or something offensive. It would seem other members on here are taking my opinions as such and are getting quite worked up, even putting their troll faces on.
  8. Lukums that analogy doesn't really work, and the reason is you could play Dragon Age on any other difficulty and finish it, and still get the full dragon age experience, you wouldn't be missing out on anything. In Dungeon Defenders if you dont play and beat the highest difficulties, you can't get the best loot, so you cant complete the hardest challenges, also if the PvP ever kicks off in this game, good luck competing if you're not geared out in mythical.
  9. Cool man, although unfortunately that animus isn't really a keeper since he doesn't have + projectiles :( But now that you beat it once you can keep on grindin till you get one that has it :p
  10. Agreed, when I first started playing this I was thrilled at how quick Trendy was/is to roll out new patches, but as time has progressed I wish they would just take the time they need to make sure things are properly balanced before they set things one way and then next week completely change them.
  11. Not sure why a lot of people seem to think there are only two kinds of gamers (hardcore or casual). That's like saying there's only two class of people in the world (rich or poor). Personally I probably fall under the lower-rich, or upper-middle class (in game). I never say anywhere in my post, 'ohemgee i cant beat this is too hard make real easy for me to beat in 1 day'. I'm not really understanding why a lot of people are interpreting it that way. I just think there shouldn't be a ruling 10% or even 15, do I have an exact number to spew out? No, but it's also not my job to find that magic nu
  12. That's unfortunate that your initial experience has been like that, when I first started playing I felt like the community was actually pretty welcoming. A lot of times I'll see games titled "leveling" or "playing all maps" try joining those. For reference if you're new and the games titled UMF or Insane anything you probably will get kicked because those aren't really noob friendly maps/modes :p
  13. Sorry to say Jadilus, but I think it's pointless arguing with people that disagree. There has been several threads similar to this one, but ones that disagree tend to think time spent = skills. They also tend to think the players complaining wants everything handed to them, when in fact those players just want steady progression instead of hours of grinding or whatever. If Trendy made reaching level 74 take 20 times longer, and getting enough gear to beat nightmare 20 times longer without extra content, there'll always be some hardcore players that are fine with it and say it's all good. T
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